Why is an RFID protective wallet a good idea?

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What is RFID?

Rfid stands for Radio Frequency Identification. You are probably using it in all sorts of things already, oyster cards, your pets microchip, your gym wristband and of course your bank cards. It’s what enables you to ‘tap to pay’.

Why is an RFID protective wallet a good idea?

It stops anyone with a chip reader (Which can be tiny and hidden in the palm of your hand) from reading the chip without you knowing. This is called ‘skimming’ and enables crooks to take sums of money from you just by brushing up against you, which is easy to do in a crowded place, public transport, in shop queues etc. Now the tap to pay limit in the UK has increased they can take even larger sums of money. Not ideal at all!

How does an RFID wallet work?

The wallet will contain RFID blocking material which stops the chip being read.  This means no matter how close someone gets to you with a hidden chip reader your chip and the information on it will be blocked from being read.  Card crime is on the increase and with wallets created specifically to stop this kind of crime from happening you’d be daft not be using one!

Sam has started using a Lucleon leather wallet which he picked from the huge selection of stylish and modern RFID blocking wallets from Trendhim.  It’s perfect for him as it has a removable card holder for quick trips and a more traditional wallet style to hold coins and notes and membership cards too.  The leather is super soft and in contrasting colours of grey and brown it is a huge improvement from the tatty old thing he had been using, which definitely didn’t offer any protection at all, RFID or otherwise as it was so threadbare!

It arrived in its own giftbox which makes it easy to present to your husband, boyfriend, brother or friend for a birthday or Christmas gift. As expected from Trendhim we were kept up to date with our order via email and it arrived in just a few days. Sam already wears a Thor Hammer necklace from Trendhim daily, and he also has a ring which he wears when he’s not working. He loves the vibe of the items available as they really suit his style (which is sort of rugged, bearded semi-viking maybe? I’m not sure but hopefully that won’t offend him!)

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