Why Should We Celebrate Dads All Year Round?

As Father’s Day quickly approaches, many of us are wondering how we can thank dad in style this year. How can we make him feel as special as he really is? That got me thinking – why are dads so wonderful? And why should we really be celebrating them all year round – not just on Father’s Day?

I’ve listed a few things below, including some minor things that brighten up our days and some of the more important things that make us who we are today. You might even want to use these to create your own list of thank you’s for your dad, which are great for putting in his card.

  1. They’re the Kings of Dad Jokes

Come on, no matter how much we cringe at these jokes (especially when they used to tell them in front of our super-cool mates), they are still the ones that make us laugh every time.

Waiter: “Sorry about your wait.”

Dad: “Are you trying to say I’m fat?”

  1. They’re the Masters of Rough ‘n’ Tumble

We all remember those days, jumping on dad, being thrown into the air, and being tickled until we felt like we couldn’t breathe anymore. Dads are the undeniable kings of rough and tumble, even though someone always did end up crying (and it wasn’t dad)!

father and kids

  1. They’re the Ultimate Coaches

Whether they were part of your football team or they just took you down to the golf course on a Saturday afternoon, dads are the ultimate coaches when we’re keen on a sport. But they’re also great life coaches and are often pretty handy when you don’t know the answer to your homework, too.

  1. They’re Your Protector

While dads can often be the more laidback of the parents, they’re also the most fiercely protective.

After all, is there anyone more fearsome than a dad whose meeting his daughter’s boyfriend for the first time? Not only that but dads are often the ones who get rid of those monsters in the closet and give you the courage to stand up to those bullies in the playground.

For your protector, you might want to gift him on the next special occasion with a mini-figure of him while wearing a superhero costume. Order from this bobblehead website.

  1. They’re Your Favourite Cook

When dad’s left to cook dinner for you, you know you’re going to get something far more exciting and a lot less healthy than mum’s cooking.

  1. They’re Great at Pretending They Love Your Gift

Let’s face it, dads get the rawest deal when it comes to birthday and Christmas gifts. From yet another new pair of socks to a god-awful tie that you hand-picked yourself, they always manage to open their presents with a look of glee on their faces.

These are just 6 of the many reasons why we love dads and why they should be celebrated all year round for their fun-loving, caring and dedicated ways.

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