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  • The Christmas Tag

    The Christmas Tag
  • Sunday Scrapbook – Pantos, Candles, Coffee Shops + more!

    Sunday Scrapbook – Pantos, Candles, Coffee Shops + more!
  • Personalised Rings with Centime + Giveaway

    Personalised Rings with Centime + Giveaway
  • 4 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit

    4 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit

Christmas at Marwell 2018

A few days ago we got right into the festive spirit with a trip to Marwell Zoo for their Christmas Experience. It didn’t disappoint and was the perfect way to kick start the Christmas season, though I definitely will not be putting up our decorations until December don’t you worry! Both Athena’s school and Arlo’s preschool have started the countdown to Christmas by starting to talk about Christmas discos, plays and making Christmas cards and…

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Travel: Athens in four days

Greece is one of the most popular European destinations on any travellers bucket list, but of course, there are plenty of cities and towns that you can see there – so how are you supposed to decide where to go? Well, Athens is one of the oldest cities in the entire world, and shouldn’t be missed if you’re going to be exploring Greece! It’s top of our list, after all we have a daughter with…

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Festive gift ideas for Couples & Home

Aunts and Uncles, Your Brother and Sister in law, maybe even your mum and dad – all the gifts I’ve collated here should give you plenty of ideas! I often find it hard to find presents for people who live together especially if i’m more friendly with one over the other.  I’ve put together a few ideas for some inspiration if you’re in the same boat as me… The Happy Christmas Smart Box from BuyaGift is…

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My Tattoos and would I ever get them removed?

I’ve got a fair few tattoos now, I’m not covered in them by any means though. If I was wearing a long sleeved top you probbaly would only see the ones on my fingers, and even then they would be easily covered with rings mostly. But I’m not done yet (sorry Mum!) I already know what my next two tattoos will be, but I just need to decide on where to get them and who…

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Athena & Arlo – November 2018

It’s a short post from me today, as it’s already a day late and I’m also feeling pretty crappy so haven’t got the energy to write much! Plus if I’m honest the kids relationship is still very much love/hate as it always is. Of course always a lot more love than hate but this morning Arlo threw a book at Athenas head and then whipped her with a boomerang – all before seven in the…

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Travel: Family holidays are an investment, not a luxury

Do you go on holiday with your children? Is it an annual ‘thing’ that you do as a family, with the excitement building through the year until departure day? Research has shown that if you don’t ringfence downtime to spend holiday time together, you could be missing out big time. Here’s why holidays should be an essential part of your family life. A break from normal family routines While it’s important to give structure to…

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Personalised Calendars & Cards with Funky Pigeon & win £25 credit!

I love giving personalised calendars as gifts because it’s something that will be used daily, and is a lovely way to remind the recipient of what you all look like if you don’t see them often! We send them to grand parents, aunts and uncles and sometimes god parents too. For the first time I’ve made a personalised calendar with Funky Pigeon this year, who currently have a half price offer on all calendars, meaning…

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