10 tips for a London Staycation

 London is a brilliant place to visit for any Brit. It’s packed with history and heritage, with activities for all ages and an abundance of restaurants and bars. If you are unfamiliar with London, or indeed, city life in general, here are a few tips for help you get by.  

Know the Restrictions

Before you go, make sure you are up to date with all the latest travel and COVID-19 restrictions to avoid any disappointment on arrival. Book museums, galleries and restaurants in advance where possible. 

Know Where You Are Going

London might not be huge but an itinerary is a must. The tubes can take you across the city or you can hail a cab, but be sure to plan your day as best you can. 

Consider Short Let Apartments

If you are looking for accommodation, it can be pretty expensive. The short let apartments London are a great middle ground for travellers who want luxury but with some home comforts and privacy. Make the most of your stay with a short term let. 

Are You Near Public Transport?

Consider how close you are to public transport if you want to get back and forth more easily. Familiarise yourself with the tube maps or better still, download an app that can help you.

Capture the memories!

Make sure you bring a camera or mobile to capture some of the iconic London landmarks and buildings. 

It is Going to Rain

Ah the English weather. England is blessed with incredible city break opportunities as well as countryside retreats, however the weather is unpredictable. Lean into the experience and pack and umbrella just in case. 

Keep Your Valuables Safe 

Like all capital cities, London is a busy place – relax on your holiday but keep one eye alert. Be cautious of using backpacks on busy tubes and trains – they are much easier to pinch things from! Settle for closed handbags carried close.

Choose Your Shoes Wisely!

People love the fast pace of London. Whether you’re running for a tube to your next destination, or talking a walk through one of the great parks, sensible shoes are the best shout for a London getaway. 

Check the Michelin Guide 

London is home to a myriad of bustling restaurants, including several with Michelin stars. Take a look at the Michelin guide for a fancy affair, or simply wander the markets and sample street food from world class vendors. London’s market scene is bustling, and a must visit for any staycation!

And Finally…

Soak it all in! London can be a full on place, packed with adventure. Extend your stay and take a moment to truly appreciate everything the city has to offer. 


This is a collaborative post. Photo by Hugo Sousa on Unsplash 

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