11 Entertaining Activities for Kids

Kids can be a handful, we all know that! Keeping them happy and entertained can be challenging task. Here are a lot of activities that are both fun and educational for kids…

Make a Photo Album

You can either create a new photo album with your kids or go through old ones with them, introducing them to extended family members they may not have met yet, or letting them see pictures from important moments in your life, like your wedding or graduation ceremony. This is an entertaining bonding experience.

Glow-In-The-Dark Bubbles

Get a bubble solution and add highlighter ink to it. Your kids are bound to love the result: pretty bubbles that glow in the dark!

Have Some Budget-Friendly Fun Outdoors

This is an inexpensive way to keep kids entertained. You can organize a mini camping session without having to leave home. Pitch a tent in your backyard or any open space you have outdoors. Leave gadgets and electronics indoors and have the kids toast marshmallows and tell stories. You can purchase colourful, inexpensive tents online at The Works, for mega deals online shopping.

Solve A Jigsaw Puzzle

Help your kids put together the pieces needed to reveal a beautiful picture. Many colourful jigsaw puzzles aren’t too difficult for kids available at The Works.

Photo by Dragos Gontariu on Unsplash

Thumbprint Family Tree

Print out a drawing of a tree with no leaves, then dip your fingers in green ink and start creating the leaves of your family tree. This is another excellent way to introduce your kids to extended family members they have not met yet.

Create Snowmen From Rocks

Get three different-sized rocks (for each family member participating). Paint each one, with the smallest being the head, of course. When you’re done, you can exchange the rocks for creating new, unique snowmen.

Bake Cookies Together

Bake flower-shaped cookies, or even cookies in the shape of your child’s initials. Parental supervision is mandatory for this, but this gives you the chance to bond with your child while teaching them a useful skill.

Make A Family Handprint Painting

Paint each person’s hand (you only need one hand each for this) a different colour, then stamp your handprint on the canvas and hang it. You can get a handprint paint set at The Works, and it comes complete with all the tools you need, except your hands.

Try Splatter Art

Dip a toothbrush in some paint, then point it at your canvas, and slowly run your finger over the bristles to have the paint splash on the canvas, creating a nice splatter effect. You can use stencils and different colours of paint for even more exciting artwork. It’s slightly messy but very fun.

Play Board Games

Play board games like monopoly and scrabble. Your kids would love them, and they boost critical thinking.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Paper Planes

Help your kids make planes from colourful paper and race to see whose is fastest. You can also create obstacle courses for the planes to fly through to make it a little more challenging and fun.


Keeping your kids entertained may seem challenging at first, but it can lead to a very fun bonding experience that both parent and child will enjoy!

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