Scrapbook Loves August 19

Hello! It’s me, writer and neglector of this blog. What can I say, the summer holidays have consumed all my time! Here’s what I’ve been reading, watching, wearing etc in August!


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The four books above are the fiction books I read this month. The Rabbit Girls is the stand out favourite – it’s about a woman who is looking after her very ill father and discovers that he was in a concentration camp during WWII. It’s well written, covering her awful relationship and the relationship between her father and his wife and mistress. Well worth a read but very harrowing in (many) places – not really a light holiday read!

The Light Keeper was a pre-publication copy sent for review. I read this over a couple of days and found it a little slow going in places but loved the language used and the story. I was drawn to it as it is based very close to me on the Sussex coast – again tackling some sad story lines but worth a read!

I was also sent an advanced copy of ‘The Organised Mum Method’. If you’ve been under a rock for the past year or so so might have missed the rise of ‘cleaning accounts’ on instagram, which is where I first came across Gemma the author. Actually she’s not a cleaning account like so many others where they clean things and we all watch (Well, I don’t – I find it tedious!) but she helps people organise their housework into short and manageable chunks spread over the week. I was aware of most of her method from instagram and her website but the book goes into more depth about how and why the method can work to help everyone (not just mums or even parents) stay on track and I predict it selling very well! Sam and I are going to implement ‘TOMM’ from September so get on to pof the house once and for all – the book is really inspirational and I can see it improving a lot of homes all over the world! It’s out on September 5th and you can purchase it here on amazon.


Still ploughing through Greys Anatomy and really not a lot else – apart from S3 of The Handmaids Tale, though I am a few episodes behind!


Nothing – I need to help arlo make his All About Me box for his first day of school though!


Mostly summer dresses and shorts – nothing too exciting really! I was sent this dress perfect for summer days though from UK Swimwear, who sell a lot more than just swimsuits and bikinis!  I picked this dress because it’s made from a really light cotton and I loved the embroidered flowers. It’s smart enough to wear on it’s own but light enough to chuck on top of a swimming costume at the beach! The beach bag I chose has been perfect on our week away as we went to the beach every other day – It fits both mine and the kids beach stuff in easily, plus it has an inside pocket for keys and phones!

And Lastly…

I’ve actually really enjoyed having a lot of the summer ‘off’ from blogging and instagramming – and from reading an scrolling through instagram too. It is Arlo’s last summer before school starts and I was juggling a lot of work on top of that – so something had to give and it wasn’t going to be spending time with the kids! I am hoping to resume a semi-frequent service again in a couple of weeks, though I have been keeping up with my ‘Athena & Arlo‘ posts and ‘Me and Mine‘ every month!

Over and out for the last few days of summer!

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  1. The Rabbit girls book sounds like something I would really like, thanks for the reccomendation! I love that bag too, looks perfect for days at the beach or shopping trips – can fit loads in by the look of it!

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