11 Things that never fail to make me smile


Life has been a bit hectic and stressful lately, so I’ve been trying to cheer myself up a bit by making a little list of things that never fail to make me smile…

  • Walking on brick pavements when the bricks are a bit loose and the click and clack as you walk over them
  • Seeing people almost fall or trip and then glare back at the pavement where they tripped up in annoyance/anger
  • When one of my kids hugs the other one without prompting, or when they curl up on the sofa together
  • Seeing elderly couples holding outs when they’re walking together
  • Seeing another parent struggle with their small kid who wants to get to the magazines/kinder eggs/sweet aisle in the shop (not because I’m a cow but because I have been there and will be there again in the near future- my son is a major tantrum thrower)
  • Looking at Athena & Arlo’s eye lashes. They’re just so long!
  • Hearing any of our wedding songs; Mr Blue Sky by E.L.O (was the song we walked out of church to), Muse’s ‘Feeling Good’ (our first dance) or God Only Knows by the Beach Boys (the song I walked into church to) on the radio or in a shop
  • When I get winged eyeliner even on both eyes first go, it’s rare!
  • When there is nothing in the washing basket, again super rare
  • Smelling a wood fire
  • When someone waves to my kids from the train when we’re waiting to cross at the level crossing gates

What little things make YOU smile?

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