17 degrees and the cardigan is OFF!

This week we had a family day together, and whilst we had the camera with us for beach snaps I thought I might as well do an outfit too! I’ve had this dress for a few months as I was originally going to wear it to Athena’s christening in November but didn’t, but its one of my favourites, and is the only red thing I own! I was wearing a cardi when we left the house, but that soon got abandoned and stayed shoved under the pram for the rest of the day! Perhaps this is spring…?

IMG_3928 IMG_3933
Dress: Dorothy Perkins. Leggings: M&S (seriously the best quality leggings out there). Shoes: Chatham Marine. Necklace: Gumigem.
The Heart necklace is actually a cleverly disguised teether for Athena. It’s made of silicone and is completely safe for babies to chomp on. It comes on a long cord with a breakaway clasp, so it makes a nice change to be able to wear a necklace again without having to yank it out of pudgy little hands (which only makes her want it more!) There are loads of designs to choose from, along with bracelets and other teething products. Everything comes in a little reusable pouch so you can keep them safely stored away (for the next baby, haha!) As you can see it’s a hit with Athena, and the plus point is that because it’s attached she can’t fling it on the floor which seems to be her absolute favourite thing ever!
IMG_3708 IMG_3711
I’ve been having a look a the other bits available on the Gumigem website and love the ‘bubba bag’ which is a mini bag filled with chewable versions of everything Athena likes to empty out of my bag (so keys, cards etc). I also love the ‘dad tags’ which are dog tags for so that dads can share the teething action (perfect for baby wearing daddies!)
I was sent this heart pendant from Gumigem and as always the opinions and words in this blog post are all mine!

4 thoughts on “17 degrees and the cardigan is OFF!

  1. I love your dress! That is my staple kind of outfit – Long tops/dresses with leggings and cardigans! I also love your subtle but lovely review – Keep meaning to get Gumigem bits, will take a look x

  2. The necklace teether is a really neat idea, I wouldn’t have guessed from it’s appearance (although mught have if it was covered in slobber!).
    Looking lovely in your red dress Lauren, I wore my only red(ish) dress on the hot day too, how odd x

  3. I’m so jealous of your weather- everywhere else has such nice weather and it’s always permenantly raining in North Wales!
    I love your dress, it looks so easy to wear! Leggings and a dress is my staple outfit now as I can eat as many biscuits as I like and don’t feel like I’ve eaten a horse haha like if I’m wearing jeans. (is that just me?)
    That teether necklace is such a good idea! Whoever thought of that had their head screwed on!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


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