The Buggy Chronicles: Obaby Zezu Multi review

We’ve been using this travel system for around 7 months now, and now we’ve used it in all positions I thought I’d do a proper review. We originally had a 2nd hand Mamas and Papas Pliko pramette but I didn’t like the handles (not a bar, 2 separate handles so steering with one hand was impossible) and I also didn’t like the fact that the car seat or carry cot sat on top of the regular seat, it was also ancient and a bit wonky. We toddled off to kiddicare when A was 6 weeks old to see what our options were and decided that the Obaby was the one for us and bought it there and then, leaving the old car seat in their skip (we did ask first!)
What we were looking for in a pram: parent and forward facing, ideally carry cot convert to seat so less to store at home, ability to use with just a car seat, single handlebar, small to store in boot of car. The Zezu Multi has all of that apart from a compact fold. It takes up a fair amount of room in the boot, although if you take the rear wheels off it is a lot flatter. The issue is that you need to store the seat unit separately, which takes up more room. When Athena was in her rear facing little car seat it went behind that between her seat and the front passenger seat, however now she’s in the next size car seat up we can’t do this! Obviously when the car isn’t full of luggage it’s not a problem as it can go in the boot on top of the frame or in the back with her.
We used the carry cot mode until Athena was around 4.5 months as she was starting to sit up unaided then and got frustrated being on her back all the time, plus as a long baby she was almost out of room. The pram comes with a cot liner and a head hugger and apron which are all washable, but has no mattress. I used a folded fleece blanket and she seemed comfortable with that. You can also have the unit forward facing as well as parent facing in this mode, though we didn’t. Changing from cot mode to seat mode is so simple, it’s done using a couple of straps and clips on the underside and takes a matter of minutes.
In pushchair mode there is a 5 point harness although for a long time we didn’t use the shoulder straps (they clip on to the buckle on their own so this is easy to use but now she’s more mobile we have to use them!) which come with spotty shoulder pads that match the inside of the hood and the head hugger! The seat has three reclines, including flat which was useful when she was smaller for naps. The back rest can also be adjusted further using the straps underneath so you can adjust to to exactly where you want it. We currently still use the pram in parent facing mode so I can ogle at her all the time, but soon I know I’ll have to let her see more of the world! The handlebar is adjustable and Sam has no issues pushing it at 6’6, nor me at 5’2.
image image
Pictured with the car seat attached and as a tandem.
I’ve had absolutely no issues with this pram since we got it. The wheels don’t need pumping up and are puncture proof, the front wheels swivel for easy ‘driving’ and the brake works well with a tap of the foot. The rain cover fits really well with elasticated corners at the foot end and two velcro straps at the sides, along with the fact that it has polka dots printed on it! The shopping basket is a decent size, you couldn’t fit a whole food shop under there but I can easily fit 2 bags of groceries and the folded rain cover. I also use buggy hooks when necessary and hang things from the handle and have never had a problem with tipping or anything like that! I also like that fact that if there was a second baby du Brighton in the future we have the option to add another seat to this pram really easily to make it a tandem, or a buggy board if Athena is older.
Things that would make this pram better in my opinion are a higher seat (as in, not so low to the ground) and a smaller folded size. I also think Athena will grow out of this before she reaches the weight limit as she is tall for her age and will probably continue to be!
You can view all the Obaby Zezu range here on Amazon. We bought this travel system in August ‘13 for £250 including car seat.
Not a sponsored post, We purchased this pram ourselves and thought a review might be helpful to anyone thinking about buying one. Post contains affiliate links. 

3 thoughts on “The Buggy Chronicles: Obaby Zezu Multi review

  1. £250 for a travel system is a bargain! I love that the carrycot and seat are the same ‘thing’ – We had one with LP that had a separate carrycot and I now can’t stand them! 4 months use and huge usually! Great review x

  2. great review i brought this buggy too and use it as a tandem in both the seat variation and buggy board
    my only bugbear is the length of the footrest my 2 year old is quite tall for his age too and his feet now hang all the time as he is uncomfortable with his feet on the rest and his knees up so high!! other than that i would recommend it to anyone with either 1 child or 2 it’s a great investment

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