3 Improvements to make to your bathroom before you sell

This post  is an advertorial, written  by me in partnership with Mobility Plus. 

The bathroom in our house is also called the ‘room of doom’ and as yet we’ve not got a budget to completely  make it over, and we want to finish it as close to when we sell this house as possible.  The bathroom is pretty big, which is a blessing and a curse. It’s great as we have so much space for storage and for drying off etc, but as it is so big it means it’s more expensive to give it a make-over!   Here are the three main changes I’d love to make in the bathroom which would hopefully mean it would appeal to buyers of all types.

We could fit a walk-in shower  in  our bathroom, as well as a corner bath. This would be great for both  Sam and I. I love baths but am too short for regular ones, and Sam is so  tall he hates baths and only has showers!   Jacuzzi style walk in baths would be amazing for me too,

Instead of the huge tiles we have now I’d love tiny mosaic tiles to surround the sink and as a border for the room, maybe a combination of dusky pink and grey – though I appreciate that these colours might put buyers off. Larger metro style tiles in a neutral colour, maybe a light grey for the lower half of the walls and then the rest of the walls can be painted, rather than the tile overload we are used to now from floor to ceiling!

Storage needs an upgrade too. We need to add a wall mounted heated towel rail for sure, and then some built in storage beneath an to the side of the basin – which needs replacing too as it’s a funny peach colour!

Have you bought a house with a hideous bathroom?  What would you hate to see in the bathroom when viewing a house to buy or rent?

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