3 Common New Year’s Resolutions and How To Stick To Them

Lots of us see the beginning of a new year as an opportunity to start afresh, get rid of all our bad habits and replace them with healthy routines and positive practices that will help us to live our best lives. We call these New Year’s resolutions, and around 60% of people make at least one each year.  The bad news? On average, only 8% of people stick to them.

Those stats might not fill you with optimism, but don’t let your dreams be dashed. If you have high hopes for 2021, take a look at these realistic New Year’s resolutions you CAN sustain! 

  1. Eat better (and exercise more) 

This is without a doubt the most common New Year’s resolution – and the most difficult. 

After the indulgences of Christmas, most of us are desperate to reacquaint ourselves with vegetables and get moving off the sofa. The problem is, this goodwill doesn’t tend to last too long before the temptation of the leftover Christmas chocolate gets the better of us. 

Whether you want to lose weight, set good example for kids or improve overall health, scrap any ambitious exercise plans or dietary overhauls and commit instead to small, gradual changes – something as simple as trying Dry January, or switching out some of your usual lunchtimes snacks for a bowl of fruit or a yogurt. 

  1. Redecorating

It’s good to switch up your home décor every once in a while, and often in January we find ourselves promising that this will be the year we finally get round to it. 

Sadly, it doesn’t always work out that way, especially since many of those jobs can feel like mammoth tasks. To prevent it getting out of hand, try a few small changes that make a big difference – for instance, replacing rugs, cushions and lampshades can be a simple way to introduce a splash of colour into a room. 

Remember that sometimes the things you notice the least can have an unexpected impact, so if you’re feeling ambitious, why not try changing internal doors? It may sound mad, but whether you opt for traditional wooden or glass panels, these necessities can totally transform the look of any room. Oakwood Doors are ideal for your interior design needs, with a great selection of doors to suit any look. 

  1. Saving money 

Saving is easier said than done, and for many of us, the January sale can see a swift end to any frugal NY resolutions. 

If you just can’t give up that shopaholic lifestyle, then simply get savvy. Cashback sites and voucher codes are a godsend for addicted shoppers, and you’d be surprised how quickly the savings rack up!  For sites you buy from regularly, signing up to mailing lists can grant you access to exclusive deals and discounts to help you snag your favourite treats for a little less. 

Whatever your New Year’s resolution, you can do it! Take it one day at a time, and you’ll be a saving pro and health fanatic with a fabulous house in no time at all – good luck getting your ducks in a row in 2021!

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