4 Things You Need to Start Making Your Own Clothes 

When you just can’t find anything you want to wear in stores, there is a different option that you can take. Making your own clothes is fun but it takes time. You need the right patterns and fabric to make the pieces you desire, as well as a whole wide range of supplies and tools to take your fashion vision from the drafting table to reality. Once you make your own clothes, you might like it so much that you run out of space to store everything. These four things will assist you in your clothes making endeavors, so make sure you make a note of everything on this list.

Creativity and Fresh Ideas 

To be able to sew clothes, you need somewhere to start. Sketching out your ideas can give you a 360-degree view of what you will be making later. Patterns provide the blueprint, while photographs and pictures provide new inspirations. Make a vision board that includes all of the new fashion ideas you come across, and know which stores are most likely to sell the type of sewing accessories you like. Have a few different ideas, sketches, patterns, and examples of whatever you want to sew prior to making your first stitch.

Basic Sewing Supplies

You won’t necessarily be needing a sewing machine to start making your own clothes, but you will at a minimum need a needle and thread. Buttons, zippers, seam rippers, pins, and measuring tape are all also critical for making on the fly. Have a sewing kit that contains your basic sewing supplies so that you can work on your pieces at will. As you find new supplies that make sewing easier, you’ll have even more tools in your kit to work with.

A Separate Dedicated Workspace 

Your ideas for new fashions might be all over the place, but your sewing supplies and the pieces you are working with cannot. There has to be one, single area in your home that you use for sewing purposes. It could be a hall closet where you keep everything or a nook in your bedroom where you keep your sewing table and mannequin. If you can take a room in your house and transform it into your dedicated sewing workspace, then you will have adequate room to sew and create. 

Sewing Equipment for Proper Fitting

When you make your own clothes, whether they are for you or someone else, they need to fit well. You can take measurements and have dozens of fittings, but in the end, all seamstresses need a form to work from. A sewing dummy provides a solid form to sew on, and it also helps you to stay within parameters. Using a sewing dummy or dress form will prevent you from sewing your clothes and accidentally making them too small or large. Sewing dummies can also help you to sew your creations faster without risk of injury.

If you have long been a fan of fashion, then you have probably wanted to make your own clothes for a long time. Sewing by hand is tedious, but it also teaches you patience and helps with developing accuracy. Sewing machines are good for making new things faster and more precise but realize that there is a learning curve when it comes to making clothes. Your fashions should be tailored to fit your personal style, and you should not feel limited by your skillset. Every time you think about making your own clothes, you can take action instead of just daydreaming. Be sure to finish all of the projects that you start so that your skills can be honed and your closet can expand. 

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