3 Exterior Design Improvements for 2020

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‘Curb appeal’ is increasingly becoming an important aspect of a property’s overall value. Over the last decade works to improve the exterior of your home have become much simpler and far more cost-effective. Due to the awareness of climate change and the need to improve our carbon footprint, new green and eco-friendly products are becoming widely available. This helps boosts the valuation of your home and increases the likeliness of selling the house later in life. 

This has allowed homeowners to start making eco-friendly changes to the exterior of their house. Companies are now producing modern and innovative synthetic materials that make it easier than ever to make your home ‘green’.

Here are 3 exterior design improvements that we think are worth considering in 2020:

Metal Roofing Panels

Image from PXFuel

Metal roofing has grown in popularity over the last few years and is becoming the most popular type of roofing in America. Metal roofing is an effective way to refresh your home’s exterior in a smart, cost-effective and eco-friendly way. 

Metal roofing has been historically reserved for installation on commercial and farm buildings but today are one of the world’s fastest-growing residential roofing materials. When moving home with the help of Bekins Moving Solution, people are now looking for properties that are already installed with metal roofing. 

Finding installers for metal roofing has never been easier and installation is relatively hassle-free. Metal roofing is extremely long-lasting with most coming with a lifetime guarantee when purchased. It is also adaptable, it can be designed in any shape or style you want or require. Lastly, it’s eco-friendly with reflective coatings that can reduce the cooling demand of a house by 10-15%.

Fibreglass Doors

Photo by Landon Martin on Unsplash

A front door is usually one of the first things visitors notice when coming to your property. You now have a lot of choice with your choice of front door including the super impressive fibreglass doors that are currently growing in popularity. 

Fibreglass doors are ultra-durable, well-insulated and they look fantastic with a huge number of different design options to choose from. What’s more, people rarely notice the difference between a fibreglass door and regular doors. New advancements in fibreglass technology mean you can benefit from the best performing front doors at an affordable price.

Vinyl Windows

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

Windows have an incredible ability to transform a home. If you have ever watched a TV show about building houses you will notice how the building dramatically changes for the better once the windows start to be installed. 

It used to be that updating your old windows would cost a small fortune but vinyl windows change all that offering cost-effective solutions with a number for great benefits for your home. In a 2017 report, vinyl windows were found to have a 74% return on investment and save you 12% on energy due to their superior ability to trap heat. 


A huge range of designs and colours are available to choose from making them versatile, cost-effective and they will save you money in the long run. To add to these benefits further, vinyl windows don’t cost too much to get installed and can be done within a day or two depending on the size of the property.


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