6 Ways to Impress Buyers when selling your home

This is a collaborative post, all words and opinions are my own.

I wrote a post recently about  making sure your bathroom appeals to buyers, but what about the rest of your home? We’re not ready to sell our home yet but know that it’s on the cards in the future  so there are some things we can start doing now, and be mindful of when it is time to open our doors to potential buyers!

Hide the  Clutter

You want buyers to  be able to imagine themselves in your home and if all your clutter is hanging about on shelves, windowsills, desks and so on that will be really tricky for them! Put as much as you can away in boxes, or the loft – remembering that people may well go through any built in cupboards in your home!

Open It Up

You can really change the feel of your home by   opening  up the back wall into the garden with bi-fold doors, which are a great alternative to an expensive extension or conservatory.  With   toughened laminated glass you’ll retain heat in the winter and any potential buyers will love the amount of light they let in!

Make the Kitchen the Heart of the Home

The Kitchen is a really big draw when people are looking at new home – you want them to imagine their family happily ensconced in the kitchen. This means making sure it  looks welcoming and easy to  relax in. Replacing old strip lights with adjustable spotlights  is  an easy way to add some cosy feelings and draw attention to the nicer areas with a spotlight.

Any wonky doors or drawers should be straightened too  to give a uniform feel, and changing handles is a great way to  modernise the feel swiftly. There are more Kitchen  improvement  ideas  here which might be helpful.

Make the Most of Space

If you have  two sofas and an armchair do they may the room look small? Can you take away the chair so that there is more space , or change the layout to make the room look more open? This is especially important to consider in bedrooms and living rooms – even hiding laundry baskets  and bins can make the room look more spacious!

Scent your home

We soon become immune to the scent of our own home,   and even if it doesn’t ‘smell’ it’s a nice idea to subtly scent your home   with a fresh and welcoming smell.  If baking bread is beyond you then alternatives are to use a diffuser, candles or plug in air fresheners – but make sure they’re not too over powering!

Hide the Pets

You  love your pets but a new family might not have any, or want to see evidence of them in a potential new home.  If possible take your pets somewhere else during viewings, but definitely hide litter trays, dog beds and feeding bowls.

Touch up Walls, Skirting boards and Door frames

Your interiors get a lot  of wear and tear, especially if you have kids! Take an hour to wander about with a paint brush touching up any scuffs and  dents to make them look less obvious – and for any marks in hallways and doors you can try using a ‘magic sponge’ to brighten them up again!

I’m sure there are more things you can do to improve the ‘wow’factor of your home but these will definitely give you a head start and hopefully you’ll be in your new dream home before you know it!



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