3 local business hacks to make commuting a thing of the past

Finding the ideal property and community to raise kids can be a real challenge, but once you’ve finally found your forever home you might start to resent all of the time you spend working and commuting elsewhere. The solution might be starting a business in your local area — that way you can enjoy being close to home and spending more time with family.

So here are three local business hacks to make commuting a thing of the past.


Once your own children are old enough to be at school and don’t need your attention every minute of the day, becoming a childminder allows you to work from home doing something really worthwhile. You’ll have to register with Ofsted in England or its equivalent bodies if you’re based in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland — after which an inspector will visit your premises to check that you’re able to meet standards.

Childminders bear a lot of responsibility but they’re providing an excellent service to fellow parents and looking after children in a safe home environment, so once you’ve built a solid reputation it’s likely that your business could become quite lucrative.


Setting up a local business can be slightly stressful — but once it’s launched it might offer you the life-work balance you’ve been yearning for. Looking for shops to let in London might take a while due to the scale of the search — but if you spot a suitable commercial unit in your community and there’s no competition then converting it into a chip shop could see you running a beer-battered goldmine. This isn’t a sector to launch into without a good deal of research — but if you get the recipe right and you’ve got a knack for customer service it could last for generations.

Take a look at an online commercial property registry for the right size of rental unit a location where you can capture local and passing trade. If you serve fresh fish and chips to a consistently high quality you’ll be a welcome addition to any community in Britain!

Dog walking

If you love the great outdoors and have a knack for making animals feel calm and safe, you could become the go-to person for dog walking in your local area. Becoming an approved professional dog walker with your local authority means that customers know you’re fully proficient, trustworthy and compliant with the law. Your good reputation will spread once owners know they can trust you — and before long you might have a full-time job caring for new canine chums. This vocation isn’t for everybody, but it’s a great option for animal lovers!

These three local business hacks could make commuting a thing of the past and help you create a busy business at the heart of your community.

Do you run a local startup business? 

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