Athena & Arlo – November 2017

The dynamic between these two hasn’t changed a lot in the past month if I’m honest, they’re still thick as thieves. From first thing in the morning when they arrive in our bedroom clutching their blankets and a variety of cuddly toys to last thing at night when Athena signs a lullaby to Arlo. It goes like this:
Arlo Barlow, Arlo Barlow,
Goodnight and sweet dreams,
You are clever, you are special
You are my best friennnnnnnnnd
It is SUPER CUTE. This photo was taken at Beaulieu a few weeks ago, it’s a not a great photo of them but just love Athena’s profile and remember her helping him clamber up onto the ledge to look out of the window at the abbey ruins.  
These two were taken on Monday night, when we had a pretty muddy trip to the park after school, the light was just starting to go but we stayed for long enough for Athena to get mud all over her shoes, socks and knees and for my hands to go numb pushing Arlo on the swing! I swear Arlo has the cheekiest face of all time!
The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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