3 Reasons To Get A Gift For Yourself

Whatever the occasion (or even if there isn’t one), research shows that buying gifts for yourself is both healthy and useful, especially if the purchases are related to professional or personal achievements. Furthermore, researchers have shown that purchasing something attractive for yourself triggers the same neural networks that light up when we feel physical pleasure, such as when we eat a cookie or run warm water over our hands. Then there’s receiving, which makes you feel important even if it’s only a card with some sweet words put in it. So, because both giving and receiving are pleasurable experiences, why not mix the two and do it for yourself? Here are a few reasons why this is such a terrific idea.

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It’s A Good Reward

Consider all of the tasks you perform on a daily basis. There will undoubtedly be a lot; whether you have a high-flying profession, care for a family, or mix the two, you will be busy, and you will work hard from dawn to dusk and often longer than that. If you looked at your own life objectively in the same way you looked at someone else’s who was just as hard-working and as busy as you, you’d realise you needed a present of some kind. After all, you deserve it; after all, who wouldn’t after working so hard for so long?

 What could be a more potent motivator than a meaningful gift? It could be a long-desired piece of jewellery that you’ve wanted since you read up on the history of Patek Philippe or something completely unique. It might be a holiday or simply an hour to yourself doing something you love. The present itself is entirely up to you, but you must reward yourself in some way.


You Get What You Want

You might spend a long time deciding what to buy as the nicest gifts for your loved ones, but you’re forgetting about one very important person: yourself. Don’t forget to offer presents to the people who mean the most to you, but also to yourself on occasion. Purchasing something you enjoy for yourself is an excellent way of showing how much you appreciate all the things you’re doing to make your life a better one. 

 This is the best part about purchasing something for yourself. You’ll know it’s precisely what you want (even if it’s not something you need) and that you’ll be pleased with it when you choose it. This may not be the case when others buy you gifts, but when you pick your own particular present, you will never have to worry about getting the wrong item. If you are a bit of a worrier in general then a spinner ring is a great gift to get yourself, you can fiddle with it discretely to distract yourself, and it will look great at the same time!

You Won’t Feel Guilty When You No Longer Want It

It’s a good idea to declutter at some point, often more than once. Decluttering is excellent for the house because it keeps it neat and clean, and it’s also good for you since it helps you concentrate and ensures you’re comfortable in your surroundings. This leads to increased productivity and an overall feeling of well-being.

 If you’ve bought yourself any items throughout the years that you no longer need or want because your preferences have changed or you just don’t use it anymore, you’ll be able to toss it out or give it away much more easily, without the guilt you might otherwise feel. When someone else buys you something, you may feel obligated to keep it, even if it no longer matches your décor or you just don’t like it. So decluttering becomes harder when you are given lots of gifts, as you might feel you have to keep them all.

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