Osmo: Math Wizard and the Enchanted World Games review

We’ve been playing  another clever Osmo game in the past week, and can see it being played quite a lot over the school holidays too – Math Wizard & the Enchanted World Games. This is just one of the many Maths Wizard game packs available, but you will need an Osmo base to play, you can get them for iPad or for Kindle Fire tablets.  Find and download the Maths Wizard app, download that and you’re ready to go.

Each game is very hands on, interactive, and helps children:

  • Build, practice, and grow foundations for multiplication skills
  • Practice repeated addition as a foundation for multiplication
  • Further enhance addition and subtraction skills
  • Understand how many different ways there are to make the same number
  • Enhance problem solving skills
  • Develop cognitive skills
  • Boost their excitement for learning more advanced math!

Of course you are able to adjust the level of difficulty depending on the player, with options of Apprentice, Magician and Wizard. As with all the different Osmo games we have the kids are so happy to play.

What’s in the box: Math Wizard and The Enchanted World Games

Inside the box you will find: Enchanted World Games postcard (this tells the Maths App which set you will be using)   Bento Box Game Items – a Lunchbox Mat and 22 varied Fruit gameplay pieces. Juice Team Game Items – a Juice Mat with 12 Fruit Strips and a Magic Token. These pieces enable hands on fun, as the pieces are ‘read’ by the Osmo reflector into the tablets camera so you can see the pieces appear on screen – it’s very clever!

How to play Math Wizard and The Enchanted World Games

‘Math Wizard and The Enchanted World Games’ consists of two games that help will kids to boost their addition and multiplication skills. The Bento Box and Juice Team games boost confidence and skills to hone their maths skills. Arlo is 6 and I think this is the perfect age for starting to play these games, and his problem solving skills are improving too.

Osmo Maths Wizard

Bento Box

In Bento Box, the aim of the game is to make lunches for the athletes who are all animals! Each of the animals takes part in a different sport.  You must make up each number shown using the pieces of fruit, and place them in the ‘lunchbox’ which can be tricky as you need to get them to physically slot in and fit together – another aspect of game play!  Also in each game the difference fruits are worth different numbers, which keeps the player on their toes. Once you’ve completed the challenge the animal athletes perform, and this means watching carefully as you may need to make them jump to get more points or avoid an object!

Osmo Enchanted Games Maths Wizard

Juice Team

In Juice Team, the player creates power smoothies to give the players the energy they need to play their games, and hopefully win! In each game a fruit strips number value is represented by the pieces of fruit on the strips. The fruit game pieces must add up to the requested number AND fit in the juicer game mat. There is also a special jewel piece. When you use this piece you can choose its value from number one to five. This value can only be set once during each level and can help with tricky sums!

As you play through the games and levels you win gems, and these can be used in ‘The Enchanted Store’ so kids can buy things for their characters and change their appearance, which both mine absolutely love doing!

Another impressive addition to the Osmo collection of games that will teach your kids without them even realising! For the full range and to find out why Osmo is so great for hands on learning visit their Amazon Store or their website. You can also follow their new UK Instagram too.

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  1. This looks like so much fun, my daughter is in reception so I think this could be good to help her get used to maths, do you think it’s about the right level?

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