Medicine-free tips to get rid of headaches

Headaches are one of life’s annoyances, they can creep up slowly or appear all of a sudden and quite often you have no idea why you have one! I have suffered with bad headaches for all of my adult life, and a lot of my teens too. As the years have gone by I have worked out a few triggers but some of them are things I have no control over, like changes in humidity and weather! I am trying to take less over the counter medication for headaches and instead trying to cut them off when the first signs appear, though of course if the pain gets too much then I will use something stronger.
I’ve put together some headache pain management options in this post in the hopes that I can help others with my experience. Of course I’m not your doctor and if something really worries you please make an appointment!

Drink more water

This goes without saying, but it can be really hard to drink enough water, especially when, like me, you’re addicted to tea – which is a diuretic! As well as helping to hydrate your brain, body and skin drinking water will help aid digestion too, so it’s a win win! Drinking water at the first sign of a headache might not help stop it immediately, but upping your water intake in general is definitely a good habit to stick to, and hopefully a decline in headaches will follow as a natural result.

Drug free instant pain relief 

TENS is a type of therapy that uses electro magnetic energy to soothe pain. Qalm by Paingone cleverly attaches to your forehead with adhesive pads to apply  drug free pain relief directly. You can use it when you are suffering with a headache, and with the second therapy mode as a way to reduce the frequency of headache and migraine attacks. With a rechargeable battery, small size and storage case this is a great long term way to keep headaches at bay.

Drink less alcohol and caffeine

Starting your day with a cup or two of coffee might be what you need to kickstart your day, but if you’re continuing to drink cups of tea or coffee that are caffeinated throughout the day and getting headaches as the days goes on it might be worth investigating this link! It’s also worth nothing that a bad nights sleep can cause fatigue headaches the next day, so cutting out caffeine from lunchtime onwards could help there too! Of course a ‘morning after the night before’ headache will probably be a direct result of a hangover, but even if you don’t drink to excess cutting down your alcohol intake should help reduce headaches and migraines too.

Use Essential oils

Both peppermint and lavender essential oils can be really helpful when you have a headache to help soothe the tightness and strain. You use them by applying the essential oils for headaches directly to your skin, I find peppermint oil at the temples works best, and lavender oil dabbed just below the nostrils.  It is important to make sure you buy your oils from a proper health shop rather than a random online seller so that you can be sure that the oils are regulated and safe to use on the body.

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