4 Ways to clothe your kids for less

This is a collaborative post, all words and opinions are my own.

Kids aren’t cheap, and they grow super fast too, and often don’t take good care of their clothes either.  Here are some tips  on how to spent a little less on  your child’s clothes.

Ebay , Facebook Marketplace & Charity shops

Ebay is great if you’re looking for something specific, like brands  and sizes and you can often find great bundles of clothes in the same size or style too, and generally don’t pay much more in postage between a single item and a small bundle.  Facebook Market place and Charity shops  mean that you’re unlikely to find exactly what you’re after but things will be a lot cheaper and you can pick them up/buy them and take them home that day. Plus you might find styles you wouldn’t normally consider!

Swap with friends and family

If you’ve got friends or family with similar aged kids then why not swap things  around to refresh the clothes the kids wear. This works really well  for fancy dress and party dresses – things that kids might not wear a lot so will stay fresher for longer.  If you’re lucky enough to have two  girls or two boys then you can  pass down  a lot of their clothes – providing they are good enough quality to go through two kids!  Saying that, I have an old girl and her younger brother got most of her socks, all of her  plain jeans, joggers and leggings and lots of tops too.

Buy now, pay later

For more expensive items that you can’t find second hand, or would prefer to buy new kids clothes then  you can try catalogues which let you  get your purchases straight away and pay them off in installments.

Make do and Mend

Something I have recently started to do is fix things! Clothes that have holes in the knees or under the arms can  be easily fixed with a few stitches, and larger rips and tears can be ‘visibly mended’ where the repair brings new lease of life to clothes and  improve the way they look too! I recently patched up a tear in the knee of Arlo’s joggers with some material with Mario on – he loves them!


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