5 Clothing Staples Your Child Needs in Their Wardrobe

It is the time to bring out those debit and credit cards and hit the malls, because shopping season is here. This is a chance to invest in basic, quality clothes that will keep up with the active lives of your kids. Some may suggest not buying a lot of different clothes until after the classes have started, especially if your kids are starting at a new school, to give you a chance to observe the latest fashion trends in the area. While this is good advice, there are certain clothes that will always be in fashion.

Here are a few must-haves for your kid’s wardrobe:

Indoor Shoes

Indoor shoes will always be a staple on the hottest trends lists. Once your kids begin school, they will absolutely need a good pair of shoes. Make sure that they are a good fit for your kid and that they feel comfortable wearing it, because your kids will have to walk on them most of the time. Do not buy second hand shoes for your kids. Buy your kid a new pair that are guaranteed to support your kid’s feet, and will last for a long time.

Gym Clothes and Shoes

Depending on the school that you have enrolled your kid in, they might require them to have a set of gym clothes. Most schools don’t require gym uniforms until high school, but it is better if you check with the school’s guidelines.

Even if your child is not allowed to wear sneakers at school, he or she will certainly wear them a lot outside of the classroom. Kids’ sneakers are available in various cute styles, from casual looking to super preppy that are perfect for going back to school. It will be easy to find a pair that your kid will love, with the right price for your budget.

Easy-To-Wear Clothes

It won’t be long until winter is here and it starts to get very cold. By now, you can start looking for coats that are easy to wear. Depending on where you live, you might need windbreakers or hoodies to bridge the gap between a thick winter coat and a lighter jacket. Pick the ones with big buttons or zippers to make it easier for your kid to put on and take off. Don’t forget to tag your kid’s contact info on these since kids often leave them on the playground or accidentally grab a friend’s jacket.

If you have young children, shop for pants that are easy to put on and pull off. Your kid’s little hands will usually find it difficult to use buttons whenever they are in a rush to use the bathroom. Simple pull-down pants will help them avoid having an accident. Buying these types of clothes may place a strain on your savings account, so try visiting second-hand stores that offer coats for your back to school shopping.

Socks, Underwear and Long Johns

These might look obvious, but never neglect restocking your children’s dressers with new socks and underwear. Be aware of shopping mall sales now rather than regretting being stingy later because now your kids are enduring holes in their socks. If you have a daughter nearing her teenage years, consider if she will need to start wearing a training or sports bra. For those chilly mornings, your kid might feel cold on the way to school. Buy a few pairs of long johns to give them extra warmth.

Basic T-shirts

Short sleeves or long sleeves, both are excellent for layering under sweaters and knitted shirts. Try matching and mixing the shirts with bottoms or even layering them together. They retain more warmth that will be perfect for the days that are chilly in the morning but warm in the afternoon. Your kids can just take off the top layer and will still look good and presentable.

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