What Athena wore: Like father, like daughter

I love to get Athena dressed, and try to dress her nicely on days when we are together (As opposed to nursery where I send her in old leggings and a top!) but when I am away next week I am already cringing at the getups that Sam will have her in. I am tempted to lay out an outfit for each day for him in fact! Thinking about it I just might, as I swapped her clothes over to the 18-24 months size last weekend, so lots will still be on the big side which will confuse him!

So Sam may not know how to dress Athena nicely that often, but when House of Fraser got in contact and asked if we wanted to take part in a challenge to dress Athena in an outfit ‘Inspired by Dad’ he jumped at the chance and then spent a good half an hour browsing through all the categories to find something Sam-esque. He finally settled on a brushed cotton checked shirt-dress and gorgeous little red suede-feel jodphur boots. Sam would call his style ‘lumberjack chic’ and he can mostly be found wearing a shirt over a T shirt and chunky boots, so I approved of his choice for Athena! Girly, but sort of lumberjack!

Both items are from the selection at Pumpkin Patch so they’re made from good quality materials and are well put together. In fact I want the boots in my size! This is the outfit Athena wore to The Baby Show and we got SO many compliments on her little boots, from the guy that scanned our ticket on the way in to the lady at the crèche!

I particularly love the detail on the sleeves of the dress, they can be work down, or rolled and held up with the button tab, such a cute little addition and perfect from the autumn to winter transition! The gathered skirt is super cute too, lots of room for running and rolling around (on hills in our case!) but comfy enough to sleep in too, as you can see!


Cutest boots ever, right?

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House of Fraser kindly let us choose an outfit to take part in the ‘Inspired by Dad’ challenge, however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh my goodness Lauren! These photos are ridiculously cute. Sam did good, what a sweet little minime!
    Chambray & Curls /

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