5 Gift Ideas Involving Photo Prints

Giving gifts with photo prints encompasses how much you cherish those memories with that person. When you do not know what else to give someone for their birthday, Christmas, or other holidays throughout the year, opt for a gift idea with your favourite moments captured in photo prints. Here are five gift ideas where all you need to do is do some photo printing and find an appropriate picture frame to go with them. 

1. One Picture Accompanying a Memento

Have a 7×5” photo in a frame with a memento that relates to the framed photo. For example, if you visited the Royal Pavilion in Brighton this past year with that person, have your favourite picture in that frame and maybe a replica of the Royal Pavilion as a supporting gift. 

2. Make a Photo Collage

You can make a photo collage one of two ways. Pick up a photo collage frame with five to 10 pictures from a local shop or preferred online retailer. Get enough photo prints to fill each slot in the preset collage frame. 

Alternatively, you can laminate each photo print and create a collage of your own in a more rustic fashion. Pin the photos to a corkboard adorned with decorative stickers or artistic monogram letters spelling out the activity or destination in the pictures. Another way to do a DIY photo collage is to adhere the photo prints to a thick poster board adorned with a decorative border to make it pop. 

3. Put Together a Small Scrapbook or Photo Album

If you have the patience and love the craft, collect about 10 to 20 photo prints and affix them into a scrapbook. Add monogram letters, stickers, and other decorations to the page that matches your photos’ overall theme. 

A simpler way to put together a scrapbook-style gift is to get enough photo prints of the correct size to fill a photo album you find at one of your local shops. Place your favourite photo in the photo album cover’s front slot if it has one. 

4. Make a Photo Banner

There is something so rustic about a photo banner hanging on a yarn or a clothesline with decorative clothespins. Print at least five to 10 photos and have them laminated to protect them from wear and tear. Find some decorative clothespins at your local craft shop and thick yarn. 

Make one loop at either end of the thick yarn so the gift recipient can hang it anywhere on their wall. Arrange the laminated photo prints in the order desired on the thick yarn and presto! You have yourself a DIY photo banner!

5. Create a Memorable Magnet

People use their fridges in the kitchen daily, so why not make something that your gift recipient can see and enjoy at every mealtime? If you cannot find a small enough magnetic photo frame to place on a fridge, make one instead. 

Print the photo and laminate it. Use either wooden sticks or foam material to create the frame’s outer edges. Let your imagination run wild! Attach a circle or square-shaped magnet from a craft store on the back of your DIY frame to complete the picture magnet. 


I hope one of these gift ideas involving photo prints works for you when it’s time to give a gift to someone you love. Which idea is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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