5 Home Schooling Tips For 2021

Despite the best efforts of teachers and everyone else involved in keeping our schools running, it looks like the global health environment means that many parents might be home schooling their kids again intermittently during 2021, whilst frantically trying to find out how much a maths tutor costs.

If you struggled to cope with home education on top of everything else life was throwing at you during lockdown part 1, you might welcome some tips on a few fab paid and unpaid resources that could help things feel smoother next time around.  Sounds good? In that case, take a look at these five home schooling tips for 2021. 

Space age resources

Got a budding astronaut on your hands? The NASA Kids’ Club is packed with loads of fun and educational games and activities aimed at children interested in STEM subjects.  Fancy learning how to drive a Mars rover? You know where to go! 

Green fingers

If your kids are interested in biology or botany, did you know that there are several plants they can grow inside, even during winter? 

According to Modern Farmer, herbs like thyme, rosemary and dill, greens like kale, spinach and lettuce, and veggies like cherry tomatoes and chilli peppers can be grown indoors under the right conditions. An educational project with a terrifically tasty end goal? Sounds scrumptious!  

Riveting reads 

When you’re not much of a reader yourself, it can be tough recommending good books for budding English students and nascent writers. 

They’ll have to study what’s on their course curriculum, but reading widely is also important for their creative development – check out this list of recommended teen reads from Good Housekeeping

Often, when kids discover fiction that seems to speak to them directly, it makes them more enthusiastic about studying English literature and language as academic disciplines. 

Music for families

Learning a musical instrument is great for child development and a wonderful way to harness creativity. 

Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, you might want to avoid drums as a first instrument (plus a decent set isn’t exactly cheap!) but you’ll find some excellent suggestions for instruments, books and other musical resources on the Musicroom.com website. 

Formal tutoring 

Sometimes you have to admit defeat gracefully and defer to the knowledge of a pro tutor for subjects you have no aptitude whatsoever for and learning from a qualified teacher can help kids get the grades they deserve, whether they have an end of year exam or are continually assessed.

Teachers To Your Home provides online (and when circumstances allow, in-person) lessons from qualified tutors from primary school to A-level and they provide peace of mind for pupils and parents alike. 

These five hassle-free tips should help you handle your children’s home schooling calmly and confidently.  BUT remember that you can also learn from them – be open-minded and by the end of the next lockdown you could be au fait with everything from TikTok dance routines to athleisure trends! 

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