5 Money Saving Tips For Good Car Maintenance 

You are really lucky if you don’t care much about your car and it has not started to act out on you, yet. If we take our cars for granted, they sense that behaviour and reflect it back. Maintaining a car maintenance regimen seems like a task but it is important for survival and proper functioning of your vehicle. Cost factor also comes into play and can trick you into thinking that it is better to just let your car care slip away for a moment. But what if you knew some basic tricks that work in your car’s favour and still don’t cost you a fortune?

Read this article till the end to find out money saving tips you can try for top notch car performance:

  • Fluid Check

Your car fluid levels include brake fluid, coolant, engine oil, power-steering fluid etc. You should also pay attention to the screenwash. Technically speaking it is never good to run out of necessary car fluids because they will be a huge hindrance in letting the car reach its ultimate potential.

  • Tyres are important

From pressure to alignment and fitting – everything about tyres is important. If you are able to spot a tyre limitation on time it will save you from a lot of trouble and a timely replacement is always better than bearing additional repair costs later on.

  • MOT Testing

As per UK law, if a vehicle is not road worthy to operate, it will not be allowed to be on the road. If your MOT testing is pending, you should look for the right garage to take care of that. Delaying your MOT test will only result in penalties and inconvenience at the end of the day. A good place to book your MOT is at DAT Tyres – check the website here. They have friendly prices and their experts will guide you.

  • Regular car servicing

Professional car servicing can do wonders to your car and you should invest in this after a few weeks. This keeps things running and any potential errors are highlighted which can then be taken care of.

  • Keep your battery clean

Your car battery has to be maintained or it will drain out and cause leakages. Battery health is very important and can save you money if you take care of this the way you should.

Collaborative post. Photo by Damir Kopezhanov on Unsplash 

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