5 Thrifty but Transformational Home Interior Tips

With most of us spending more time in our homes than ever before, we’re looking for ways to make the great indoors cosier, comfier and more functional than ever. But home improvements that really make a difference don’t come cheap, right?

New kitchens cost thousands of pounds, you have to shell out for sofas (even although there’s a perpetual sale!), carpets don’t come cheap, and conservatories are eye-wateringly expensive. 

All is not lost though, because there are ways of zhushing up your home interior that don’t require you to clear out your bank account and max out your credit card.

Sounds good?

Here are five thrifty but transformational home interior tips!

Kitchen vinyl wraps

The kitchen is the heart of the home for many of us. Much more than a simple food preparation area, it’s the place where we gather to socialise and share our hopes and dreams. If it’s stylish and practical, the ambience is enhanced, but if it’s a looking tired and tattered, it drains the energy.

However, with a little patience, applying vinyl wrap from a firm like Vinyl Warehouse can have your kitchen looking like new  ̶  for a fraction of the cost of paying for a full replacement. 


Do your sofas and bedroom furniture look like they need a breath of fresh air? 

Instead of buying new items, why not buy a few attractive throws that allow you to switch up your style for every season? Available in every colour of the rainbow, throws are an elegant yet effortless way to give your interior a cosy and classy feel. 

Carpet cleaning

Even of your domestic footfall has reduced over the past year, your carpets still bear the brunt of household wear and tear, so it doesn’t take long for them to look tired and threadbare rather than fresh and fierce. 

Replacing them is a pain in the purse though, so getting a firm like Chem-Dry to clean them thoroughly is an excellent alternative and you’ll be amazed how pros can bring that showroom sparkle back. 


Treating your home to some gorgeous greenery doesn’t just make it look good  ̶̶  it makes you feel great too.

You can choose a mix of air purifying varieties like asparagus ferns green sweetheart plants, relaxing plants like shark fins and Australian chestnuts, and mood-boosting plants like upright elephant ears, calathea bluegrass and rubber plants. The choice is yours and the cost is reasonable.


Combine a bijou interior with that claustrophobic cabin fever feeling and your comfy home can start to feel very cramped. 

And while the building trade might advice that you invest in an extension and estate agents may encourage you to move, household mirrors are a savvy and cost-effective solution.

Stylish mirrors from retailers like Perch & Parrow will create the illusion of space and ensure that there are plenty of opportunities to check how fab you look each day. 

These five thrifty tips help you spruce up your home on a tight budget  ̶  enjoy putting them into practice! 

This is a collaborative post.  Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash 

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