5 Unique Hobbies for Children

As a child grows up, they will want to learn about who they are and explore different talents. A great way to help them with that is to look for activity groups. They will have the chance to test the waters until they find what brings them joy and that they are good at. If you’re looking to help your child by doing the same and aren’t quite sure on which you should encourage them to have a go at, here are 5 unique hobbies for children from an independent school in Harrow


If your child’s creative at heart and they like fidgeting, why not get them into origami? It’s an ancient Japanese method of paper folding and dates back thousands of years – cool right? In the unlikely event that they don’t enjoy the hobby, they’ve only gained a new skill and strengthened their fine motor skills.

Bird Watching

Bird watchers use the naked eye to observe their surroundings and look out for different species of birds. They spend their time out in nature which is great for mental health. Also, they have a fine attention to detail to identify and distinguish between subtle differences. For a child, this can benefit their development greatly as they can learn how to be laser focused on tasks, build their memory, and learn to be patient as all day can go by trying to bird spot.


A scrapbook is something that can help you to stay close to your fondest memories and do something nice for someone else. They make beautiful, sentimental gifts and take creativity to design. This, again, is one for the creatives. If your child’s “artsy”, they may also enjoy something like this. 


While it gives off a very masculine impression to some, fishing is an activity that anyone can throw themselves into. It makes for a lovely bonding activity with the kids and teaches them patience and gratitude. It can be a long and painstaking process, but the result is truly worthwhile when you get to go home and enjoy what you have fished.


Dance is a great way to stay fit and healthy. It can also teach children to be more graceful while showing them a way of expressing their emotions. It can speak to people and performances can be absolutely breath-taking. As well as the physical demands of dancing, children must use their memory to remember their steps, strengthening it in the process.


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