Top Tips for Installing a Garden Gate

If you’re in need of a new garden gate and you have never installed one before, you’re in luck. We’ve teamed up with Lawsons, a builder’s merchants in London to bring you some expert tips.


To begin, you will need to have all the right equipment. That includes the gate itself which should be measured and ordered to fit the frame that it has to go on, hinges, screws and a drill. You can also opt for a security lock if necessary. As timber expands over time, you will need to leave around 20mm around the perimeter.

Once you have your tools, you will need to assess the gate that you have to work with. Wooden garden gates have diagonal timber panels to offer support. For some gates, these run throughout the gate whilst for others they are only found on one side (either right or left). For those with diagonals on either side, you will need to add your hinges to the side with. If you have one that offers more support, this shouldn’t be a concern – you can place your hinges any way you like so long as they are on the vertical edge. 

Another bit of prep that you will need to do is mark out the centre of each horizontal panel. These run throughout the gate, going sideways. They are found at the top, middle and bottom and you will need to make out the middle of each so that you can align your hinges against them. Also, when you’re ready to go, you should stand your gate up on small, equal sided wooden slats so that it can stand straight and even whilst you are drilling. The last thing that you want is a wonky gate.

Okay, now that you’re ready to start drilling. Using your screws and drill, drill in the top and bottom holes of each hinge. This will make life easier if you have to re-adjust. Once you have those in place, you can test your gate. Check to see if it all sits, opens, and closes fine. To make sure that it’s 100% perfect, grab yourself a spirit level and place it against each edge. This will tell you if your gate isn’t actually straight. If everything sits and looks right, you can go ahead and drill in the remaining holes.


And there you have it. A brand-new garden gate, installed by you without having to call in any professionals!

Collaborative post. Photo by Flash Dantz on Unsplash