5 Ways to Reduce Facial Puffiness

Have you been noticing that your face is puffy as of late? Does it look like you are constantly retaining water in the face and you’re not sure how to address the issue? Facial puffiness is something that many people struggle with and the good news is that there are many techniques and products you can use that will provide excellent results. Here are five ways to reduce facial puffiness.

Use a Cold Compress or Cold Water in the Morning

If your facial puffiness is most obvious in the morning, try splashing cold water on your face or even using a cold compress for just a couple of minutes. This can instantly bring down the puffiness.

Use Creams and Masks that Address Puffiness

There are also many face creams and masks that address puffiness, using ingredients that help to reduce it. It can take some trial and error before you find the product that best works for you. It may even end up being a combination of products.

Use Tea Bags Under Your Eyes

The under-eye area is a very common area for puffiness and can be your most problematic area. If that’s the case, try laying wet, cold tea bags under your eyes. The caffeine in the tea will restrict your blood vessels. This in turn reduces puffiness, redness and even dark circles. It can be a great way to start your day, giving you a more awake appearance.

Try a Face Roller

Another popular technique is to try a face roller that works to reduce puffiness. You can check out options like this jade face roller available from Nourish London. This online retailer features a wide range of beauty and wellbeing products with next day delivery available.

When shopping for a jade face roller make sure it is natural jade, not artificial. It should also be well-constructed so it rolls and glides over the contours of your face with ease. As you roll it on your face it will stimulate your lymph nodes. This prompts the lymph nodes to drain any excess fluids and toxins from your face. The result is less puffiness. While results are quick to appear, they are temporary so you need to make face rolling part of your routine.

Learn Your Triggers

To cut down on the amount of puffiness moving forward, you’ll want to learn what your triggers are. Some of your triggers may be within your control so you can help to cut down on the puffiness. Common triggers can include:

  1. Not getting enough or getting too much sleep
  2. Certain makeup products
  3. Alcohol
  4. Allergies
  5. PMS
  6. High sodium foods
  7. Sinus infection

All these tips can prove to be highly effective in reducing your facial puffiness. The key is consistency and typically a multi-layered approach. Using a combination of these tips will yield much better results as long as you keep up with your efforts daily.


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