I was going to film a video for this, but the sheer thought of editing out all the bits where I look at the screen to read what I want to say bored me to death, so typed it is! If you make it all the way through then good on you, and PLEASE link me to any similar posts/vids of yours! I hate posting without pictures, so went through my facebook profile pictures and found all the eating/drinking ones… thrilling huh?

1. I’m half Irish
2. I’ve eaten pigeon
3. I didn’t want to get married or have kids till I met Sam
4. My unborn child has been to Egypt and Czech Republic
5. The only other language I know is German, and even then only very basic stuff!
6. I used to be a bit of a hoarder but I’m attempting to be less of one
7. I don’t have an addictive personality at all, I find I can give things up easily
8. I’m not particularly creative, I did graphic design and not art as an a level. I like straight lines.
9. When I was younger I genuinely thought that the whole world used to be in black and white until someone invented colour.
10. I really hate the taste of coffee, I never drink it.

11. I once overtook an undercover police car at 92 mph, needless to say I got caught and had to watch myself on their little camera in shame.
12. I don’t have any cuddly toys, not even a childhood attachment type thing.
13. I played the flute, tenor sax and piano when I was younger, and sang.
14. I did ballet, jazz and tap from age 3 to 21
15. My husbands pipe dream is to move to Canada, who knows?
16. I’m not competitive at all, it doesn’t bother me if I win or lose a game, in general.
17. I’ve dyed my hair most colours of the rainbow at some point, but like the idea of lilac!
18. I’m petrified of giving birth. Roll on June :/
19. I hate spiders but my mums ex boyfriend used to have a pet tarantula in the house. It died after my mum flea sprayed the cats in the same room. Whoops.
20. I once saved my friend from drowning when we were 13ish (we complained, the manager checked CCTV and the lifeguard got the sack and we got free membership for a year)

21. It makes me sad that little kids rarely play outside with the rest of the neighbourhood kids like I did when I was younger.
22. I’m about half blind in my left eye, but have good enough vision to not need glasses to drive.
23. The furthest I’ve been east is Sri Lanka
24. The furthest I’ve been west (& south) is South Africa
25. My first pet of my own was a hamster called tammy (I shopped at Tammy Girl)
26. I have way too many nail varnishes… Over 115 at last count
27. I’m pretty untidy in general.
28. I’d love to have a small holding in the future and be as self sufficient as possible. (Chickens, a cow, veg gardens)
29. I don’t hold grudges, and forgive people easily (or forget that I am mad at them). It annoys me sometimes.
30. Stupid people do annoy me really easily

31. I used to ride horses when I was younger, I loved jumping and hated dressage but won competitions in both
32. My dad used to have a farm in Wales.
33. When I first moved to Brighton I moved house once a year, but I’ve been in my current house for almost 4 years.
34. If I rotate my ankles they click, as do my knees when I bend down, I thinks it’s to do with all the ballet I did when I was younger!
35. I rarely watch a film more than once, if I know what’s going to happen I don’t pay attention and normally fall asleep.
36. I have an awful memory for films/songs/bands/actors etc, but I remember ridiculous facts from years ago
37. My nickname for my husband Sam is smelly, (or smelly fuckface) and his for me is gorgeous/G face(or gorgeous fuck face)
38. I swear all the time, ALL the time.
39. I love reading/watching things about prisons/criminals, fact or fiction.
40. I hate sport, watching or playing. Especially football.

41. I’ve got 5 tattoos
42. I have the shittest immune system in the world. I’ve had a cold since I got pregnant and generally get three every winter anyway.
43. My great grandad wrote the Irish national anthem
44. Four of my family were wrongly imprisoned for 11 years as part of the ‘Maguire seven’ with the Guildford for because they were accused of setting off IRA bombs. (they didn’t obviously, the IRA killed some of my family in NI as it is)
45. I detest mushrooms and bananas.
46. I don’t eat any seafood. I hate the taste and smell, and the fact that they swim around in their own crap.
47. I love reading, I always have a book on the go in the bathroom for toilet breaks and baths.
48. I generally pay no attention to celebs in any way
49. I’m an only child.
50. I’ve kept my own name when I got married, it’s double barrelled so I couldn’t really add Sam’s surname to it without sounding like a complete twat, but I am the only person with my surname in the world and I like that!

11 thoughts on “50 random facts

  1. I love these posts, I’m so nosey! I did 25 a couple of weeks back but that’s all I could come up with ha.
    I love that your baby is already better travelled than me, and share your fear of childbirth – I’ll be Caesareans all the way!

    Jesss xo

  2. I love reading these posts 🙂 I made a video of mine if you’d like to have a look.

    I think Lilac hair would look fabulous on you xx

  3. Yessss lets all move to Canada together!! aghhh child birth!!callums mum wants tok get us nct classes so we “know what to expect”,I don’t want to know,I just want to get through the bloody thing in the least amount of pain possible!!!xx

  4. These are great facts! You wouldn’t believe how many children I’ve com across in teaching who really think the world was black and white! I also did tap and jazz but only til I was 14 and I never did ballet after I got told my toes naturally stick up too much and i’d never be any good! My ankles still click everytime I move. I also have the worst immune system which isn’t good when I work with young children who cough, sneeze and constantly pick their nose! I hate any sport: watching or playing but this could be because unlike you I am very competitive and hate losing which would happen a lot if I actually played any! Oh and Tammy Girl was the best!

  5. These have been my favourite posts to read of late as I feel you can really get to know someone! Your facts are really interesting and I love how well travelled you are (read – jealous haha). My ankles and knees click from doing dance when I was a kid and I find I get such bad cramp now. I swear all the time too.. bad mummies 😉 And yay someone else with a crap immune system! I’ve had a cold for nearly a month now.. boo hoo!

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.blogspot.co.uk

  6. most interesting facts post yet! Love that your great grandfather wrote the Irish national anthem. I have half a dozen good facts about me – tops! x

  7. These post’s are great! Really interesting facts about you! I also didn’t want kids until I met my partner now, played the tenor sax, piano and sung as a child and love reading about criminals, so much I do it for a job now.

    I am going to do one of these posts, just gotta think of 50 things which could be a challenge!


  8. I danced when I was younger, I did tap, ballet, modern and national. Also soo cool your great grandad wrote the Irish national anthem. I also loved Tammy Girl!!

    Steph xx

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