#Saturday6 – 6 things I just don’t GET

There are lots of things in life I feel passionate about, love to talk about or read about for ages… but similarly there are some things I just can’t bring myself to care about at all. I know we’re all different (thank god – imagine how dull life would be if we were all clones and felt the same about everything!) so feel free to disagree with me!

Things I just don’t GET

The obsession with how the Duchesses of Sussex/Cambridge spend their time/their money/what they wear/what they do. I’m far from being an anti-royalist and I think the British Monarchy is brilliant for our tourism economy and is a centuries old tradition and such a huge part of our countries history. But seriously, who CARES how much Megan spent at her baby shower (who knows if she paid all/some of it anyway?) She must have a heck of a lot of money from her time as an actress and lets face it, the royals have enough private investment without touching public money. It’s not like she ordered a huge cake and in doing so deprived the tax payers of anything? Plus can you imagine suddenly finding yourself immersed in a world of etiquette and royal rules? Pretty bloody hard I’d say, of course she’ll mess up and shut her own car door or whatever else shes dared to do!

Reality TV shows. I just can’t get being them. I hate the way they’re produced and the people manipulated, and I just don’t get how a programme like ‘The Batchelor’ or ‘Love Island’ is something that any self respecting female would want to watch, let alone BE in!

Open toed boots. Or boots with open heels, or worse, both! WHY!

Pop ups that you just can’t get rid of on a website! Even worse is the full background adverts that you accidentally click on. These drive me MAD! Why would a website want to potentially lose that customer/reader by annoying them so much they never come back!?

Grey interiors. I think I’d get depressed living in a house where everything is grey. Admittedly we have grey carpets and some of our sofa cushions are grey but they’re on a pink sofa, and nothing else is grey either!

Collectable figurines or ornaments. A few weeks ago I saw someone over the moon because she’d been given a few bizarrely large-headed cartoon type collectable figurine type things for a birthday present. Personally I just don’t get why you’d want MORE things to dust! Plus they’re so expensive for what they are (As they’re normally commercially branded to a tv show or comic or whatever) and I wouldn’t feel right someone spending their hard earned cash on something like that! But call me scrooge, maybe I’m just not passionate about anything to want to look at it sat on my shelf all day!

What is it that you just don’t GET? Please share!

6 things i just don't 'GET'

2 thoughts on “#Saturday6 – 6 things I just don’t GET

  1. I am so sick of hearing about Meghan Markle! Eek! I loved it all to start with but the world makes such a big deal out of her.
    Open toed boots are just stupid. lol
    I hate this grey craze! It is boring and I think it’s pretty depressing! There is a YouTube family that my teen watches and their new house is all grey even the kids nursery. Ugh! It’s pretty sad they have no colour in their life!

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