7 Tips for financial freedom for your family

If you’ve got a family, it’s likely that one of the most important things to you is having money to live comfortably and do things together. You don’t want to have to worry when something unexpected happens, like an appliance breaking down, and you want to make sure that you can provide food, clothes, shelter, and other necessities for your kids without struggling.

Aiming for financial freedom might seem unrealistic to you, but to be financially free, you likely don’t need as much money as you think. You certainly won’t need to be millionaires to make it work. Here, we’ll talk about what it could take for you to create financial freedom for your own family.  The most important thing to know? It’s not as hard as you might think!

  1. Know How Much You’d Need To Be Financially Free

First of all, if you want to be financially free, you should know how much you’re going to need to make it happen. Like we mentioned in the intro, it’s unlikely to be as much as you’d think. Financial freedom sounds like a dream come true, and this can mean that people think they have to win the lottery or start a Fortune 500 company to make it happen. This isn’t the case!

We can call ourselves financially free when there is enough to pay your bills month on month, other expenses, and you can afford a few luxuries too. It basically means having the money you need in place without having to work that much for it, if at all.  Set and prioritise solid financial goals and know your numbers so you can get started. Being specific is key!


  1. Come Up With A Plan To Begin Building More Wealth

Now you know how much you need, you should come up with a plan to begin building more wealth. There are numerous ways to do this. Ideally, you won’t come up with ideas that mean swapping even more of your time to make money – you can hardly call this freedom, can you? Instead, coming up with ideas that allow you to make money while you sleep is a good idea, but you will need to take your time. For example, you might first choose to invest in cyberjaya property and do it up to sell, or rent it out. You might create YouTube videos and make money from the ads, or write blog posts and add affiliate links. Maybe you’re an expert on a certain subject – write Ebooks, or create and sell courses. For some of these ideas, it’ll be a time commitment to begin with, but eventually you should make money without doing much at all.

  1. Pay Off Your Debts

Pay off your debts and automate your payments so you don’t miss one and end up with a fine. You don’t want to be spending money that could go towards investments on interest. Come up with a plan to pay off your debts that works for you. Some people prefer paying off the smaller debts first to feel like they’re getting somewhere, while others like to pay off the debts with the biggest interest rates first. It’s all about knowing what motivates you.

  1. Create A Budget

Create a budget and stick to it. How much will you spend on food, bills, and entertainment? By sticking vigilantly to your numbers, you’ll make sure you have enough cash left over to put into your goals.

  1. Make Sure You’re In The Right Mindset

Being in the right mindset for financial freedom is a must. Your mindset has a huge impact on how you act and feel, as well as how you find opportunity in situations where others may not be able to see them. To do this, it’s a good idea to fill your mind with the right type of content. Watch YouTube videos and read books. Doing this often enough will help you to change your mindset.

  1. Build Up An Emergency Fund

An emergency fund will give you a solid foundation and confidence to begin putting money towards your financial goals. You won’t have to use credit cards or put yourself in more debt once you have saved up an emergency fund. Aim for a minimum of 3 months living expenses.

  1. Keep Your Why In Mind

Keeping your ‘why’ in mind will help you to stay focused. Maybe you want more time with your kids, or you simply want to provide them with a lifestyle you never had. Whatever it is, write it down and keep it somewhere you can see it!

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