A letter to my sixteen year old self

Dear 16 year old me,

Pretty soon you’ll start VI form college and discover an older boy. This is a good thing, but don’t take him to that Christmas party at your friends house because he’ll meet a girl who he’ll cheat on you with, in a garden shed. classy. He’s still a good friend though now, so don’t worry too much!

Practise your flute and tenor saxophone more! I know its ‘boring’ but it will make you better, and you will be less likely to stop playing all together.

Dramas in your friendship group are far from sporadic and always ott, its a shame that people take everything so personally and that cliques form, but don’t worry, the people that you remain friends with are still your friends in your late 20s!

Don’t do psychology as an AS level, your mind isn’t in the right place for it and you will over analyse it all. Get help for your depression sooner, and don’t cancel all your therapy appointments, they ARE useful even if they are painful.

You don’t know this now but you will end up falling into a 10 year + career with the same company, don’t do anything different because you’re more or less where you want to be!

In a couple of years you will move into the pub where you’ll be working, just because people know you’re in doesn’t mean you HAVE TO GO FOR A DRINK! you’re allowed a night off once in a while! Oh, and just because the curry house is over the road doesn’t mean you have to get takeout 3 nights a week.

Don’t go on holiday to Majorca with that guy, you’ll end up breaking up half way through and ceremoniously pulling apart the twin beds to make singles. Nobody should tell you ‘reading on holiday is boring’, he’s a douche.

Don’t feel pressured to do do anything you don’t want to do to fit in, but similarly if you really want to do something and have weighed up the pros and cons, its okay to take chances once in a while, you’re a sensible girl most of the time!

And finally, DO NOT USE THAT CREDIT CARD, they’ll keep upping your limit and eventually you’ll buy yourself a ball gown you have no need for. very daft. (but it was pretty!)


8 thoughts on “A letter to my sixteen year old self

  1. I’m still not ready to write that letter yet. Some great advice going on – ouch about breaking up half way through a holiday! x

  2. This is an excellent post- it’s brought a tear to my eye. I might write one to myself, too, but I’ll definitely end up crying my eyes out! Hurts even though everything’s good now! x

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