I’m back, married & pregnant!


Hello! Its been ages since a proper blog post, for which I do not apologise as I had good enough reason not to be spending time on this here blog. BUT, I’m married, honeymooned and also just over 3 months pregnant, so will be spending plenty of time on the sofa/in bed with my laptop. Its nice to be able to share it now, and it was exhausting planning a wedding in first trimester but hey ho! I will do a separate post about all the weird symptoms…!

Below are a few snaps from my phone (the ones at the wedding are nabbed off facebook though) of the big day and a couple of Egypt snaps. I am currently in the process of writing up posts all about the wedding, leading up to, the details and the day itself, so they will be coming soon, probably one a week or so till Christmas (which I am completely not prepared for AT ALL)

(hello baby bump!)

My ring! (I designed it myself and its white gold, wavy edges with polished outsides and a brushed inner bit with a ring of rose gold in the middle… does that even make sense?)

The view from our hotel room (4 pools in a row, all always deserted!)

The beach, and the jetty out over the corals

palm tree reflections!

And if you want a sneak peak of some of the official wedding pictures you can have a look here at Lauras blog, they are absolutely perfect, and the ones on Brighton Beach are stunning!

20 thoughts on “I’m back, married & pregnant!

  1. Wow congrats Lauren! You look stunning, and I’m so excited about your big news! Can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

    e x

  2. You were an absolutely beautiful bride!
    So so happy for your pregnancy, congratulations; after being involved in planning a couple weddings, I do not know how you managed whilst pregnant!

    Your honeymoon looks perfect; cannot wait to read about it all 🙂

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  3. Aw Lauren it seems like a fairytale everything! A fairytale wedding, a fairytale honeymoon and a fairytale dress! Congratulations my dear 😀 And can’t wait to read more about everything!
    Have a happy happy day!

  4. Welcome back! I hope you’re going to be getting plenty of rest now all the wedding mania is over. I’m so happy for you x

  5. Congratulations on both wedding and baby! I just happened across your blog, reading back over the last few posts and also this one have made me smile, I got married 52weeks ago today, I was worried I would cry. I ended up laughing all the way through!!

  6. Congrats Lauren! Your wedding looks amazing, your honeymoon looks peacful, and you look radiant. what a joyful and beatiful post. 😀 I am so happy for you & all your life events!

  7. Double congratulations. I look forward to reading your future blog posts and maybe bumping into you a baby groups around brighton. About to start writing baby group reviews on my site, so keep an eye out for recommendations.

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