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Wicked Uncle makes gift browsing, picking and sending a breeze.  Not just for uncles by the way, aunts, grandparents, friends and family, anyone buying a gift who needs to find the perfect present. Whether you need a gift for a brand new baby or a birthday present for a five year old boy they’ve got you covered.

None of us have seen much of our extended families recently have we? I think for adults although this is hard we have ways to communicate, be it video call, texting, or even good old fashioned letters. However for smaller kids keeping in touch is harder, if your kids are anything like mine then they’ll only tolerate a video call for a few minutes and even then they’re all shy and get daft and silly so calls never last too long. Frustrating for all involved really. I find giving the kids some subtle hints about what they can talk about and what they can ask their aunt/grandparents/whoever helps. Christmas and their birthdays were good fun on video calls over the last year, as they had their gifts to talk about, or thank people for. Gifts are a great way to get people talking and Wicked Uncle makes buying presents for children super easy and very fun!

wicked uncle unique gifts

The folks behind Wicked Uncle clearly pride themselves on being a little different from your average website, as the selection of toys is quirky and well categorised – from birth to 105 in fact!  You can pick the age of the recipient from babies up to 15, and then there is a broader category from 15 to 105. You can also select gifts suited to boys, girls or both. Now as a parent to two children who are very stereotypical ‘girly’ and ‘boyish’ this is actually really helpful for me, and of course I am completely open minded and if I spot something in the other category I wouldn’t discount it!

wicked uncle unique gifts


Each of the gifts listed have been thoroughly tested before they make it onto the website, and all of the potential presents are sure to be suitable for the recipient and something that will be appreciated, welcome and entertaining. For gift givers that don’t see the recipients very often, or don’t know the very well this is a really great way to find an age appropriate present.

You can also choose gift-wrapping at checkout with a selection of wrapping paper designs, and can send the present direct to the recipient with a handwritten card too. They even offer an annual reminder if that’s what you need, with personalised age-appropriate suggestions sent via email with enough time to pick and choose for the recipients next birthday! Another great feature is that you can delay the sending so it arrives right on time, perfect for if you will be on holiday or otherwise engaged and want to make sure a present gets there just when it should!

I’ve chosen a few gifts from Wicked Uncle for the images in this post, just to show some of the variation available!  Trust me, they’re a one stop shop for presents!

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