This time last year I was sat waiting at the hospital in my unflattering hospital gown waiting to go through to the operating theatre to have my Baby. Now as I write this she is happily sat in her highchair munching a piece of peanut butter on toast and bouncing up and down to the music on the radio. Fastest year of my life ever, fact.


On my due date – the day before I had my elective C-Section & also the only bare bump photo I’ve ever shared!

Such a cliché but she really has changed my life in the most amazing ways. I am more patient, I can survive on less sleep, I find her learning the smallest of things such a delight. She’s amazing, and today she has been around for a whole year! Long gone are the days spent on the sofa cluster feeding and watching The Killing 4 episodes at a time, taking her to the toilet with me and her sleeping for hours on end. But now our days are filled with giggles, new tricks, exploring food, reading books and dropping things down the toilet (her, not me!) She changes daily and constantly amazes me.


The first photo as a family of three & later that evening once Sam had gone home and I was suddenly on my own with a baby

On the 6th of each month I’ve taken a photo of Athena. They were easy at first as she didn’t move much, then got gradually more difficult to get a good photo as she started to move and climb! So here is Athena from 1 month up to twelve!


a photo every month for a year, top right corner head clockwise…

I have also taken a photo of her every day, not a posed one but on my phone (okay more than one a day let’s be honest) and at some point I want to make a video of her changing throughout the year… I imagine it’s not a speedy job though so I haven’t got round to it just yet!

Happy Birthday my little Sproglet!

4 thoughts on “A whole year

  1. Happy birthday Athena! What a lovely picture journey Lauren. That first year is wow…but the wows get bigger and your love stronger…seriously! 😉 Vicky x

  2. Happy Birthday Athena! That first photo of the three of you is gorgeous, it brought tears to my eyes – Sam’s face, so proud, so in awe. Beautiful x

  3. Aw, she’s lovely. The first year is really tough, so well done to all of you for getting through it successfully. More fun to come!

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