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So things have been a little hectic here recently, so I wanted to sit down and write a post to get all the ‘stuff’ out of my head in the hopes that it might help me clear my head a little and refocus. The major stressor has been my irrational decision that I must move my blog to wordpress RIGHT NOW. Resulting in opening and closing two accounts with different host providers, a lot of faffing with css code and various other things! I’m feeling a bit like directionless with the blog, and I want to get it sorted before I go back to work in July, as I will have less time to spend on it and want blogging to remain a fun hobby that I enjoy, rather than something that I’d rather not be doing. I think I am going to buy myself a little tablet for blogging on the train to and from work (actually for watching Netflix will be more like it!) as I imagine that’s when most of my writing and reading will be done!


Athena turned one on Friday and although we didn’t do anything major to celebrate on the day we did have a lovely family day with a stroll along the seafront and lunch with a nice view out to sea! We got her feet measured too! We were at a wedding without her yesterday, it was nice to be able to fully relax and spend time with our friends but also weird to not be with her for the whole day! We have a little picnic with friends and family planned for next Saturday, so I’ve been sorting things out for that and need to get my bake on really!
Talking of holidays we’ve been thinking about where to take Athena for her first trip abroad (my mum is paying for her first passport for a birthday present!) and think we’ve settled on Germany. My friend Carla lives there in Dusseldorf, she’s Athena’s non official Jewish godmother and we’d love to visit her and have a friendly face show us around the city. Ideally we’d then spend a few days in Berlin before heading home. Whenever I go to a new city I try and find the highest vantage point with a panoramic view, and the Reichstag looks like it fits the bill perfectly! It’s the glass domed roof of the parliament building! I’d also head to the Jewish museum and walk along the Berlin wall too. We’re just at the ‘working it out’ stage using timeout website and the GoEuro travel planner, which I wish existed when I last went to Germany. It shows you the cheapest and fastest option for your route across all modes of transport. It’s making the planning process so much easier! It helps that the German transport system is amazing, it snowed 3 inches when I was there and everything still ran! Not like our poxy train lines that grind to a halt with 3 snowflakes… I seem to have lost track of this train of thought somehow but basically we are planning a trip to Germany!
20140606_141338 20140606_141652
I’ve also been sorting through all Athena’s old clothes to send some back to Norfolk with Sam’s family when they are down, as our friends up there had a little girl in April and I’d much rather her clothes be worn than sit in storage until they’re needed by us again! I wrote last month about how sad this makes me… and I am feeling incredibly broody right now! I would happily have baby numero 2 right now, however both Sam and I have holidays booked this year and early next year it’s not going to happen just yet, sadly. I should also give being back at work a chance too, I guess.
What else, what else… I have been doing lots of craft DIY type things, which I will aim to get up on the blog soon, including an easy peasy child’s book caddy and a no-sew crib protector (to stop little teeth making bite marks on the crib!)
So, another brain-dump post from me, what have all of YOU been up to recently?

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