All about me in Autumn

So this was originally the ‘October Blogging tag’ or something along those lines, so I’ve changed any mention of October to Autumn and am rebelling and posting this in November. I love reading things like this on other blogs as a great way to find out about the blogger, so if you’re new to Scrapbook Blog and don’t know much about me this post might help! There is an ‘about me‘ page here too, by the way!


Lauren. It used to get shortened to Loz when I was younger but not so much anymore!

What is your favourite colour?

Purples and Lilacs (Which I guess is purple) and I used to wear a LOT of purple but I don’t think I have anything purple in my wardrobe anymore!

What did you do today?

Well, I wrote this (last) Tuesday which was a day when I woke up feeling bunged up, with sore eyes and a headache. Arlo was up at 6am because of the clocks changing, which was fun, so it felt like we’d been up for ages before we even left for school! I worked during the day and then we decorated pumpkins after school.

Where are you currently?

On the sofa, with my PJ bottoms on (I always put them back on when I get in if I’ve been wearing jeans! I have a berry scented candle on and Alexa is playing a ‘music to work to’ playlist!

What is your star sign?

Aquarius but I’ve got no idea what that really means. Sam is an Aquarius too, just. But I don’t read horoscopes or anything like that!

Cake or Ice cream?

Cake! But only if it’s realllllly good cake. Or anything sweet really.

Frozen or Moana?

Neither! I blimming hate being subjected to kids films!

A night in or a night out?

In probably, I’ve become a bit of a homebody recently, and especially at this time of year! If it’s a short drive to a nice restaurant for dinner then that would be acceptable I suppose! I’ve just been introduced to the wonders of a Onesie too (Mine was a gift from Hunkemoller) and now basically I just want to stay home all warm and fuzzy in that!

Home cooked meal or takeaway?

Home cooked but preferably not by me! haha! Rarely happens.

Pineapple on pizza or no pineapple on pizza?

Yeah I don’t really see the problem with it!

Books or films?

Books! I do love films but I have to be in the right frame of mind to watch a film, but can pick up a book at any time! You can see what I read on my goodreads profile here and follow my reading challenge for the year.

Autumn or spring?

Autumn hands down, I love cardigans and leaves on the ground.

Flowers or chocolates?

Always chocolates. I rarely buy flowers and chocolates are tastier 😉

Full fat or diet coke?

Neither, I don’t really drink fizzy drinks that often.

Phone or laptop?

What for? It depends what I’m doing really! Laptop probably as it’s less portable which means I won’t be getting distracted so much.

What is your current favourite TV series?

I’m watching Riverdale at the moment, it’s cheesy and unrealistic but so easy to watch! I’m also enjoying New Amsterdam too.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Autumn?

Woodland walks, catching leaves and kicking piles of them!

What is your current food to crave?

Not current, but always: chocolate. If it’s in the house it gets eaten.

finger tattoo

Do you have any piercings or tattoos?

Yep, lots in my ears (including industrial, tragus etc) and my nose. I used to have my tongue and two rings in my belly button but I don’t put anything in them now. I have tattoos too, 8 in total. On my back, feet, wrists and fingers.

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

I’m not sure, I would always have said extrovert up until a few years ago but now I don’t go out of my way to find or talk to new people. I mean, I won’t ignore someone on purpose but I just sort of feel like I don’t really need to get out and about any more than I do, if that makes any sense at all!

What is your all time favourite Halloween film?

I haven’t seen many, but I do love Hocus Pocus and Idle Hands!

Name your top 3 favourite artists/bands.

Erm, this really changes depending on how I feel… at the moment I like to listen to Biffy Clyro, Beachboys & Interpol in the background when I’m working.

Do you have any fears?

Spiders, I mean I won’t scream and instantly throw a brick at one but I will have to get it out of the house as soon as possible, or preferably get someone else to do it!

Do you believe in life after love?

Err yeah, I’ve loved people in the past and am still her now? What a weird question!

Do you have any children? (or animals you treat as your babies).

Yep, two real kids and no animal ones. I love animals but we live in a flat with no garden so it wouldn’t be fair to have pets, and also selfishly they’re a lot of hassle and expense so it’s unlikely we’d ever get a dog but perhaps a cat or two when we have a garden!

What do you want for your future?

Security and a house with a garden and in an ideal world a driveway!

Be honest, why did you start blogging?

Because my then fiancé (now husband) worked 5 late shifts a week or more so I hardly saw him and wanted a hobby to occupy my evenings. I was reading a lot of fashion blogs and my first posts were very much ‘this is what i’m up to today’ and ‘this is what i’m wearing today’ posts. I started this blog in 2011 but it was called Belle du Brighton then, but I had a livejournal for years before that.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

I hate questions like this, I am so bad at bigging myself up. I had a fairly good career in hotel management, which I gave up so it’s not really an achievement NOW but it was, then.

What are your ambitions with your blog?

I want it to bring me more income on a regular basis than my freelance social media work does. At the moment it’s more or less 50/50.

If there is one thing you’d like to change about your blog what would it be?

To have more people reading and engaging with my posts.

Have you achieved any blog goals you set out to do this year?

I don’t think I set any, and if I did then I’ve clearly forgotten them!

Where do you want to be in 10 years time?

My kids will be 13 and 15, I will be 44 and Sam will be 40. I have no idea where we will be but I am fairly sure we won’t be living in the same area as we are now!

What is your dream holiday?

A rainforest adventure.

Sallys Cottages Croft House

If you had an entire day to yourself what would you do?

Read, have a really hot, long, bubbly bath with a cup of hot chocolate, followed by a nap and then a chinese takeaway. No children would feature in the day whatsoever – sorry kids!


I’m tagging Amy from The Smallest of Things, Lucy from Mrs H’s Favourite Things and Julie from Pondering Parenthood.

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