An easy way to keep track of your luggage or car

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Losing things is frustrating, and losing your luggage when you’re travelling can be upsetting, and expensive too. But what about having your car stolen? Now that would be incredibly upsetting. We’ve been testing out a new GPS tracker from PAJ – the Allround Finder 4g. It’s a compact tracker that you can leave in your car, luggage, handbag – or anything else you want to keep track of.

Arriving ready to go with a sim-card already in the device, you just need to charge it up (the cable is included but you’ll need an EU to UK adapter if you’re in the UK – we used the plug for our electric toothbrush which worked well.

The manual looked a bit thick and I was worried there would be a lot of set up to do, but actually it was fine – the manual is thick because it includes many languages. The set up was as easy as plug in and charge, switch on and open up the website to connect the device. I can now use the website or the app to see where the device is at any time

You can update the photo and the colour of the icon that matches your tracker on the app, to easily see different trackers if you’re using more than one. If you were tracking two different cars you could use photos of each one, or if you were using luggage you could use a photo of the family member who owns that bag.  We’ve been using the Allround Tracker 4G in one of our cars, as it’s older than our main car it has a less sophisticated security and is therefore easier to steal! It’s worth looking into seeing if having a tracker might lower your insurance premium too.  You can see where your car is in real time, set alerts if it leaves a certain ‘geofenced’ area and view previous routes taken too.

Battery life is decent, lasting around 20 days and up to 40 days in Standby mode. You’d be able to charge from your car if you have a USB socket, or from a portable USB charger – to avoid having to take the tracker inside to charge.

The app and website are easy to use, and once you’ve decided on the most suitable subscription you need (From as low as £3.75 a month) you can easily track, download data and share tracking with others with a link. The app is really easy to use on the go, and free to download but the screenshot above is from the website – with updates along the whole journey and exact GPS data every step of the way – I love the simplicity.

Popped in the carry pouch you can easily slip this in your glove-box and nobody would even know it was there! You can view more details about this specific Allround Tracker 4g and the others in their range, including a pet tracker on their website or at their Amazon store. This model retails at £69.

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