What the Kids Read: Animals are Delicious


Animals are Delicious is a boxed set of three fold out board books, by Sarah Hutt, Dave Ladd and Stephanie Anderson. Designed to help children learn all about the food chain in three different habitats. Athena’s favourite of the three is ‘all around the forest’, and although at the moment she thinks animals eating other animals is funny I think she is starting to ‘get it’ the more we read through the books and she’ll soon understand that it is a fact of life!

The illustrations are really retro, with toy animal figures positioned in cut out style scenes, with information about the animal and what they eat on the reverse side of the fold out pages. Each page has a new animal to learn about, and as well as the information in the book Athena has been asking more about them, not just about what they eat so it’s really helping her interest in animals! The fun pictures mean that Athena pays more attention than I think she would if it was illustrated normally or with photographs of the animals in the book.Aimed at children from 2-4 I think this book would actually really work well for older primary aged children to help them when they revisit this topic in their lessons.


As well as ‘All around the forest’ there is ‘deep in the ocean’ and ‘high in the sky’ for sea creatures and birds in Animals are Delicious, and although the book does explain the process it doesn’t go into gory detail, meaning it is alright for little readers!


Animals are Delicious is available now from Phaidon

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