Are A Levels the Right Choice for My Child?

A Levels could be the way to go for your child if they’re looking for a new challenge or have a clear plan of what they would like to do in university or college. It helps your child a lot if they have a clear plan of action when it comes to studying these qualifications, which can be a big jump in their studies.

Across the country there will be a lot of resources for your child to explore. A Levels in the South West can follow a different curriculum to say, the North of the country, but you will still find many resources relevant to your child. Here are some other reassuring points to consider when deciding if A Levels is the right path for your child.

Does your child know about the jump in difficulty?

It’s not unknown that students will see that climb in difficulty when it comes to their studies, but these qualifications are really important if they want to head on to university or down other avenues. Explore a range of subjects that your child would be willing to pick up and look ahead to what the curriculum could look like to prepare them.

Does your child have a clear path in mind?

Oftentime children will have a career that they’re aiming for and want to aspire to reach. With A Levels your child can have peace of mind that they will be studying through the most straightforward route to university. Many careers require a degree level of education in order to be considered.

Does your child have the best school for them to study in?

Not every high school or senior school has a dedicated sixth form, which may mean looking elsewhere for them to study their A Levels. This opens up the opportunity for your child to look into other A Levels they could study that might not be available at other schools.


Collaborative post. Image via Unsplash