I’m a bit late writing this but Arlo is now 18 months old so I wanted to write a little update for me to look back on at some point so I can remember what he was like! I’ve not written anything really since his one year update! So Arlo is not only walking but running everywhere, he’s also climbing and has the upper body strength of Iron Man, he can pull himself up onto whatever he wants to, including windowsills from standing in about three seconds flat. He’s fearless in the park and, and has no sense of danger so we have to be super careful with him near roads! He also gets incredibly frustrated if you put his reins back-back on, unless he’s holding the reins which kind of defeats the point!


He’s still not a huge fan of food, though his appetite has definitely increased he’s still not that keen, often flinging his food across the room as soon as he decides he’s done with it! He’s still breastfeeding quite a lot although when we’re out and about with things to distract him he’s not that fussed. I’m desperately trying to cut down on the night-feeds and have finally managed to get Arlo to form an attachment to a muslin… which means he can now self settle. Well, ish… Sam or I have to sit with him for ages shushing and patting and gently putting him back down when he climbs out. But giving him his own pillow and duvet have definitely helped him feel a bit more grown up I think, and once he’s only waking once or twice in the night we’re going to move in him with Athena eventually!

In terms of talking he’s definitely using more words than Athena did at this age I think, he’s copying words and sounds we say and although I’ve got no idea how many words he’s got in his vocabulary its a lot easier to communicate with him now, he can nod and shake his head when I ask him a questions, or just shout NO loudly at us. He definitely loves a little temper tantrum, something that we seem to have got off with scott-free with his sister. If someone tells him he can’t have something he hits the deck and pounds his fists and kicks his feet and screams. He still on occasion flings himself backwards in anger which can be a bit dangerous too! I’d love to say that these tantrums are getting less as he can communicate more but they’re not, sadly! They’re not long lived thankfully.


Size wise he’s in 18-24 month clothes, size 5H shoes (chunky feet!) and is wearing a size 5 nappy when it disposables. He’s also firmly in toddler sized baby carriers, and I’ve just bought a new Onbu and am selling my baby sized connecta, which I’m a bit sentimental about as we used it almost daily for the last year!

Arlo goes to a child minder one day a week so I can have a day to work by myself without distraction. In fact it’s not even a whole day as he is only there whilst Athena is a pre-school so 8.30 till 2.30 as I drop him off first and pick him up on the way back from getting her. I am looking to extend this to 4pm after Christmas so I can have a little bit of one on one time with Athena. He cries for the first few minutes when I go to leave but she soon sends me a photo of him happily playing with the toys and the other little mindees, and he happily naps there too which is amazing!

Sadly for Arlo he is having 7 teeth removed at the end of next month, as the first seven he had were all affected by hypocalcification, so basically the enamel on them all chipped off, then the teeth chipped back to basically nothing and it’s best to remove them before he gets any more abscesses or infections. He’ll behaving them out under general anesthetic which I’m hoping goes well, I’m more worried about the pain he’ll be in afterwards to be honest! Hopefully it won’t last long and then my little toothless wonder will be in less pain going forwards!



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