Stuff on a Sunday – i360, colds and windows

I’ve been a bit slack with the old Stuff on a Sunday posts but I am determined to do them weekly from now until the end of the year, although I can’t promise they’ll be thrilling as I plan to do some mega hibernating this winter! So here’s what we’ve been up to over the last couple of weeks…

  • I spent a lovely morning with my friend Nick who moved to Australia a few years ago, he was over visiting friends and family for a few weeks and he made a special trip to Brighton just before heading home so we could go up the i360 (and so he could meet the kids, Athena was a little dot when he saw her last!) The experience was pretty good, the views were amazing as we had clear blue skies and it was certainly a weird sensation being so high up above the city. You could see for miles, but I stupidly forgot to check I had a memory card in my camera so just got some naff blurry phone pictures. We were on a ‘flight’ with a bunch of primary school kids on an outing which meant I didn’t have to worry about my two kids bombing about the place, although it was a bit disconcerting when Athena leaned out over the curved glass!20160926_160729
  • I wasted far too much time with window salespeople after it suddenly got cold and we decided we needed to replace the rotten huge bay window in the kitchen that all the window-men reckon is original… ie about 120 years old! It’s been letting all the heat out and the draughts in so it needs to be done, and then we thought we might as well get the huge also original sash windows done in the bedroom… so we’ve had people traipsing around quoting and so forth. Hopefully we’ll decide who to go with and get it done before Christmas!
  • Athena has been finding preschool exhausting, not that she’d admit it! She’s been extra tearful for the smallest of reasons, but on the plus side she’s been very happy to ‘snuggle’ on the sofa watching something or having me read to her.  I know she’ll get used to not napping on preschool days soon enough, but i’m happy to snuggle with her whatever the reason!
  • I have been fully immersing myself in Gilmore Girls… I’m just starting season five now and wish I’d started it sooner! I want to live in Stars Hollow. That’s pretty much all I’ve been watching recently really, I’ve been attempting to keep up Bake Off but it’s a bit Bore Off now… I like it more when there are less bakers towards the end! I did also watch Sally Phillips program about Downs Syndrome, which really touched me and I had to write about it (Would I terminate a baby with Downs?) there and then which is something I should do more of.20160930_105922
  • Athena had her first taste of scooting at the skate park in Hove Lagoon, she loved it and Arlo wanted to get involved (and in the way!)
  • I am desperately trying to fend off a cold, for the last week it has been coming and going and in a way I wish it would just arrive properly so it can eff off again sooner.20160930_103357

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