#WhatMyKidDid – Arlo at 4 months

Well swipe me down with a feather, Arlo is four months old! He’s changed a lot physically over the last month, mostly in size as he’s now a chunky 18lbs (well, this is calculated by standing on the scales with and without him) but he’s rapidly growing out of 3-6 month clothes already and as I type is snuggled up in a 6-9 month sleepsuit!


Sleep – Daytime naps are more like cat naps than substantial ones, I do try and put him down in his cot when we’re at home but he tends to sleep better on me, which isn’t always possible as I like to play with Athena when he’s asleep! Night time is much the same, a couple of wake ups between midnight and 6am, then more or less up for the day then. He sleeps around 4 to 5 hours straight in the evening though most of the time, so at least I can count on that time to ‘get things done’ (aka eat dinner, have a bath or go to the supermarket for some glorious child free time!)

Feeding – Still just a Boob Man! So much so infact that we can’t get him to drink expressed milk from ANY bottle, and we’ve tried loads! Plus me being there, not being there, being out, different times of day… I’m getting desperate now as I will be out without him all day next saturday and he’ll need to feed! Suggestions on a postcard please!

We went out for the first time with him in the pushchair seat yesterday too, he’s normally in the carrier but it was Athena’s sponsored toddle with nursery to a local park so I wanted to be hands free to play with her on all the activities, and I was hoping he’d nap in the pushchair! No such luck but he was really happy looking at everything going on around him, even if he did slump to one side because really he’s a bit small!IMG_3723

Doing – rolling from side to side and he would’ve gone right over had it not been for the fact that he was about to roll onto Athenas colouring book so she shoved him right back again! Poor little thing, he’s not tried it again since! Edit: I wrote this last night and this morning he rolled over from back to front! Proud mama moment, and Sam was around to see it too! He’s happily grasping things with purpose now too and is obviously a bit more alert than he was a month ago! He’s happier to be sat watching Athena and I doing whatever we’re up to for slightly longer periods of time, either in his swinging chair or the Bumbo! He does little giggles when we say ‘aaahhhhh BOO!’ at him and then gives himself hiccups, every single time!

Teeth – two! The bottom ones appeared three days after I wrote this post on teethers. I jinxed it! But apart from a couple of grizzly days it’s not been too horrific apart from wanting to chew my fingers all day.


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5 thoughts on “#WhatMyKidDid – Arlo at 4 months

  1. Arlo is too damn cute! He is such a chunky monkey which is so nice to see!
    Well done on rolling over little man!
    I notice his amber necklace? How do you find it? Aria is starting to teeth so we’re looking into what to buy.

    Thanks for hosting 🙂

  2. 2 teeth! That’s amazing!! We’re still in the gummy club here! Which I’m grateful for as his nips noes are quite painful! Can’t express how glad I am he lacks the razor sharpness!

  3. What a cutie! I always weigh Oscar by weighing myself and then weighing with him…haha, I thought it was just me! I love, love, love baby rolls so much – one of my favourite parts of Oscar…he has such gorgeous rolls on his legs. Wouldn’t want a really skinny baby at all!

    Oh wow 2 teeth already!!! That’s crazy early…I think? We have no sign of teeth yet which I’m half pleased about because we haven’t been through the trauma of teething. Calpol at the ready though just in case!

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