Interiors: floor lamp inspiration


I like a lot of light in a room, and hate to sit and watch a film in the dark. Sam however prefers to watch things in almost pitch black! Now the nights are getting darker earlier again (hurrah!)  we’re fighting over whether we have the main light on or off! I’m already well ahead with the old ‘how are we going to decorate our house when we buy it’ train of thought and decided that a floor lamp at ‘my’ end of the sofa with a softer bulb in it would work quite well! Cue at least an hour of trawling pinterest for cute lighting ideas for living rooms!

I like the idea of an anglepoise lamp actually, so that I could start to do some crafts and be able to see what I’m doing (I have three unfinished cross-stitches hanging around!) plus if I ever find the time to read an actual paper-and-ink book rather than on my kindle app it’d come in pretty handy for that too!



All the lamps above are from Scotlight Direct, and I especially love the two pastel coloured ones at the end, and the tripod ones are pretty funky too, although I can imagine them being knocked about a bit by the toddler!



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