Last week Arlo turned two, TWO! He’s an angsty little dude with a big personality. He goes from tears to happy in a split second and has started to talk so much over the last few weeks so its often easier to understand that he is upset about. I rarely get to spend any time with him when it’s just the two of us apart from the dreaded bedtimes (more on that later) but when Athena starts school in September we’ll have more time together. For now though he and Athena get on well so spending time with the pair of them is pretty fun most of the time anyway!


At two Arlo is just about going into age 2-3 clothes, I’ve no idea what he weighs or how tall he is but I think he’s about average. Athena was definitely taller than him at this age as she was already in age 2-3 size by her second birthday! He’s had a few haircuts now and looks like a proper little boy, rather than a baby. He’s still pretty cuddly, if he’s in the right mood he’ll come and sit on my lap for a snuggle and for naps he falls asleep on my lap before I can move him. Sadly the same doesn’t work at bedtime and as soon as he realises that it’s bedtime he’s like a Duracell bunny, full of energy and with no desire to sleep! It is so infuriating as once he’s asleep he sleeps through half the time, only waking for a fart or some water on the other nights. It’s an ongoing battle but until we sort it he can’t go in with Athena which means he’s in our room still! I think we’re going to cut out naps in a bid to wear him out a bit more during the day and see if that helps.


arlo is twoHe’s more adventurous with food now, though if his picky sister is eating with him he’ll often turn his nose up at the things she does which is frustrating! He drinks water like it’s going out of fashion too. He’s like a little mountain goat, always climbing over things, crawling under things and loves to destruct things. We bought him a fire station toy for his birthday which he carefully watched Sam build and then quickly demolished. He just loves tearing things apart basically, so its a good thing most of his other gifts were wooden and less destructible! Anything with wheels makes him happy, cars, trucks, and trains are always close by. He’s super fast on his scooter now, he goes full pelt and then leaps off when he needs to stop, using the brake is not an option apparently. ┬áHe does have a couple of dolls too and likes to play with and cuddle them but cars will always win out! He still doesn’t have a favourite cuddly toy or blanket despite us trying to get him attached to things, we bought him a sloth with arms that velcro together for his birthday from Marwell which he likes but doesn’t love despite us trying to enforce it on him!

arlo is two

Arlo goes to a childminder two days a week, and will continue doing that until he turns three and then he’ll start at preschool, the same one that Athena is at now though she’ll be in primary school by that time. I’m in two minds whether to keep him at the childminder for a day a week still, purely because he loves it there but I know getting him used to a bigger set of kids will be good preparation for primary school. Also the 30 hours free funding will have started by then so he can go four days a week fully paid for and I can get more time to work and hopefully work less time in the evenings! Anyway for now I’m enjoying spending time with my littlest and last baby, who really isn’t a baby any more!

arlo is two

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  1. Haha, I love the fact he wakes up in the night for a fart! Though I’m sure you don’t! Isla sleeps through farting, I can sometimes hear her over the monitor, or from the other room, it proper makes me giggle!


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