At Home Allergy Testing

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Allergies are worrying aren’t they?  Especially as a parent as you won’t know your child is allergic to something until they have a reaction, which will be sudden, scary for you and frightening for them. Adults can develop allergies too, even to things they have had no reaction to previously. Thankfully as far as I am aware I have no allergies but I do have several food intolerances, and you can find out the difference between the two here.

From talking to friends who either have allergies themselves or have children who do it can be really hard to get tested at a GP, or the waiting lists for referrals are lengthy. So what can you do?

Home Allergy Tests

You can test for allergies at home quite easily at home, which can give you an indication of what may be triggering your symptoms. An allergy test on its own won’t tell you if you have allergy though, as you will also need a consultation with your doctor. But to go to your doctor with a known worry and confirmation via a test means you’re far closer to an official diagnosis.

If you are considering taking an allergy test at home. have experience with allergies that dates back over a century. They offer two different tests you can order online. The first DIY tests for grass pollen, dust mite and cat sensitisation. The next is an at-home to lab test which tests your body’s reaction to 280+ allergens. From pollen, pets, mites, insect stings, moulds & yeasts and different foods.  In a couple of weeks you will get a full report to discuss with your doctor should you need to.

If  you think that a specific group of foods might be giving you symptoms you will can a more in depth result on a variety of different foods, so it may not be all nuts for example but just cashews, or not all types of weed but specifically Ragweed.

Prices for the tests start at £19.99 you can find out more online at

Have you got any allergies? How did you find out?

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