Athena’s 10 (& a bit) month update



So actually she’s 10 and a half months now, but hey, who’s counting? I won’t do another one of these till she’s a year old in June now anyway…

Eating: the last few weeks have been a bit stressful for us weaning wise. She went from eating everything offered to basically squishing everything and flinging it (sometimes with both hands in opposite directions) which made eating out hard and we moved the high chair off the carpet at home and on to the tiled kitchen floor. However in the last few days we have turned a corner and she’s feeding herself again, as quite a lot of meals had been spoon fed to her (which she happily accepted, lazy baby)

Teeth: five, three at the top and two at the bottom. The other top one seems to be giving her a bit of jip as it’s partner arrived weeks ago. However she really seemed to suffer when we were away for a week without her amber anklet. I ordered another (bigger) one when we were away and when we got home put it on and she’s been sleeping ever since, with less chewing of her hands. So, I was sceptical before but now think there could well be something in it, so he has her old anklet as a bracelet too. I must say she never dribbles or anything so at least it’s helped with that! we still use bandana bibs because they look good though!

Breastfeeding: Some days just twice, some days 4 or 5 times. When we were on holiday she fed a lot during the night because she had a bit of a cold (only had symptoms at night though!) but I love the times that we do have as it’s the only time I can get her to sit still!

 IMG_5473 IMG_5448

Doing: Walking with her walker, standing for a couple of seconds at a time, waving, high fiving, ‘reading’, doing the Downward Dog yoga pose, playing fetch, emptying the shoe cupboard all over the hall, climbing stairs, opening and closing doors/the washing machine. Saying words that clearly mean something to her but not a lot to us! She’s saying dada at Sam and a couple of times she’s said ‘nigh’ at bedtime but i’m not sure if this is just copying us or because she knows it’s bed time. Oh, she also says ‘No no no’ but often when she wants something! Perhaps I say NO too much to her! She knows her own name and I think she understands ‘drink’ too. Dancing! (this is my favourite!)

Size: Not had her weighed for a few months so not really sure on that but she’s growing out of some 9-12 month rompers and sleepsuits (poppers at the crotch spring open at the slightest movement!) and lots of leggings are too tight round the waist! She’s a chubber for sure! But most tops in 9-12 are still fitting fine at the moment, some with sleeves still being rolled up! She’s a size 3 shoe by my reckoning but we’ve not her had measured officially yet.

Sleeping: After weeks of one wake up she’s gone back to sleeping through for 10-11 hours at a time. I am very thankful for this and praise every god under the sun.

We’ve booked her a nursery place for 2 days a week that she’ll start at 13 months, so it will be interesting to see how she changed and develops there too! In the meantime I am enjoying every day with her, especially when she ‘dances’ basically jigging up and down or her little legs or bum to whatever beat she can hear(often in her head!)


Over on Instagram I often post little videos of her doing entertaining (to me, anyway!) things so feel free to follow if you’re not already!

4 thoughts on “Athena’s 10 (& a bit) month update

  1. She is gorgeous! T’s fifth tooth has just popped through and he is still pretty much in 9-12 clothes although some 12-18 months are fitting (Purely because we needed shorts for the recent warm spell!). I think T has nearer size 4 feet though – Fattest, chunkiest baby feet I have ever seen!! x

  2. Baby dancing is the BEST dancing. Lottie has always been crazy into it – she is a little odd compared to Jess who was shy and in comparison quite quiet (hard to believe now).
    We still only have 2 teeth and 2 half teeth!

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