So a little updatey post from me today. I had a lovely day yesterday, Rhyme Time at the library (where I bumped into an old colleague who moved to NZ a few years ago and now has a baby and lives near me!) and then a little shop perusal (my ma gave me dish for Easter instead of eggs) and then a sit in the park whilst Athena napped. Whilst she was dozing I made her a daisy chain then took a zillion photos of her wearing it when she woke up and had a crawl about. We’re currently trialling cloth nappies, I have a post about that coming very soon, but so far so good apart from a couple of sticky moments! I’ve also had to put the cot down to the lowest level, which was a bit sad! I also need to do something to attach to the top bar to stop little teeth making marks!
I have booked Athena’s nursery place to start in July, she’ll be doing 2 days per week and my mum will have her for a third. I’m also starting to think about her birthday and how to celebrate it, were at a wedding the day after (Saturday) so will probably do something the weekend after… Hmmmm.
I had a lovely day at my friends wedding last week, Athena was very well behaved, although she did manage to cover the white linen tablecloth with pasta sauce (as well as her face and hands but miraculously not her dress!) but the manageress of the venue found it adorable (weird!) and even took a photo. I guess she doesn’t have to wash the linen…
Easter weekend was a bit of a write off as I had a proper shitty toothache that arrived on Thursday evening and got worse until I managed to get an emergency dentist appointment on Monday, which scored me some antibiotics but no strong painkillers. The pain has almost gone now, he thinks it was an infection somewhere as I could still eat and drink hot and cold things. All I can say is praise the lord for free dental care for a year after having a baby! We did make a little trip to Staunton Country Park though, in Hampshire. It had a petting farm, tropical greenhouse, maze and cafe, amongst other things! I bumped into an old colleague there too which was odd, clearly the week for it! Goats feature heavily, but I promise there are other animals around! A pygmy goat sneezing is the cutest thing ever though!

And last but not least, I only blimming went and won a new Cosatto Giggle Travel system on Tigerlily Quinn blog! Gobsmacked is an understatement and I’ll obviously blog about it more when I get it! I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently, so planto have a reading-round up post up soon too! However I have just started watching Game of Thrones so how much blogging will be done over the next few weeks is yet to be seen!

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  1. Love the daisy chain, so sweet! It’s lovely getting out and about with them in the warmer weather, isn’t it – we went to a lovely place yesterday and I’m not sure who had more fun, us or Tibbons 🙂 And congratulations on your win! How exciting!

    As for Game of Thrones – expect to be well and truly hooked!

  2. I love that you got dish for Easter instead of dosh 😉 I have never even contemplated cloth nappies, will be good to see how you get on. We really need to put T’s cot down, keep forgetting! Will do it this weekend. Woohoo on your Cosatto win!!! Yay!! Love your updates cos I keep having to scroll to write a mini comment, go back to read, comment a bit more and so on! x

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