Athena & Arlo – August 2017

Arlo loves Athena. She is more or less the only person he will listen to, often I have to get her to ask him to do something to get it to happen. They’re mostly the best of friends with a few little tiffs here and there, which are easily forgotten. He really looks up to her, idolises her even! But doesn’t she know it… she’ll often be found setting up some trap for Arlo to fall into so it looks like he was the one that tipped all the toys out/unravelled the loo roll/ threw the remote control down the stairs. If I ask a question that starts ‘who…’ she’ll quip back with ‘Arlo did it’ as quick as you like! Often the question was going to be ‘who want’s a biscuit’ rather than ‘who made this awful mess’ and she’s so quick to blame him! But i’m on to her, and now he is too as he’ll follow it up with a ‘Me not do it!’ and a stamp of his foot…
Athena and Arlo August

These pictures were taken at the weekend when they saw a huge rock and had to climb it, then were pretending to be monsters at the top. I fully admit I asked them to cuddle for the photo but they didn’t put up a fight! Anyway, I’m glad I had two kids in two years as they really do keep each other entertained and occupied more and more as they grow up!
  Athena and Arlo August Athena and Arlo August
I’m adding a last blurry one because I love it anyway…
Athena and Arlo August

5 thoughts on “Athena & Arlo – August 2017

  1. Oh love these they are so so cute together. Look at them cuddling. It’s great to have two that get along so well may their relationship continue to blossom closely together. #siblingsproject

  2. They’re so cute together (although they sound just like my two with the fighting all the time!). We get a lot of Toby blaming Gabe for stuff too – he’s starting to stand up for himself a bit more now though, especially as he’s learning to talk more. It’s going to be a big change for everyone with the big ones starting school next week isn’t it? #SiblingsProject

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